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Taste of Nightlife at TBEX Athens 2014


I’m writing this from Ottawa and today I want to share with you a video I made from the first full day of TBEX Athens. I did attend a few sessions at the conference but I’m not including them in the video as this blog isn’t titled “start having a boring life.” The sessions were informative and dry as to be expected so this video focuses on the nightlife which is a little more palatable; yes? Athens is a wonderful city which before I returned I wasn’t so into but oh oh how first impressions can often be wrong…

Besides the quick trip to the conference and of course the mandatory Souvlakis to start the day it also features a few cool bars. On this night, Expedia was hosting a party at Sky Bar which was quite nice but once the party was over people made a mass exodus and the destination was Drunk Sinatra. As you can imagine from the name it played a lot of music from Frank himself and was built around the whole theme. When myself and friends arrived it was beyond packed so we headed across the street to Einsteins.

I really liked Einsteins and it was a rather small and intimate place which later became the main event. The walls had all sorts of shelves filled with memorabilia that you’d assume could have been used by the likes of Albert Einstein or another gent who rolled like he did. The beer was cold, the music was good and it was filled with interesting people who share a real passion for travel; what more could one need? Of all the places we went, Einsteins Bar in Athens was my favorite without a doubt.

Just remember that conferences are a lot like school.  You may meet people in the classroom but most become your good friends based on the experiences you share outside of school, yes? If you enjoyed this video, be sure to head over to my Youtube Channel for more.

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