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Taking Care of Business in Managua, Nicaragua


Good day,

I can’t believe how fast time flies, I arrived here in Managua, Nicaragua on the 6th thinking the 10th would be years away but now it’s tomorrow. Also, I could easily stay a while longer as I’m quite comfortable and enjoying a bit of the easy life with a stable internet connection but the show must go on; indeed it must. Let’s discuss the last few days which could best be described as “taking care of business”.

Besides sleeping inordinate amounts of times, I’ve been running missions all over town trying to get things sorted for the trip. My friends live here so things have been much easier; I can’t imagine doing this type of stuff without some assistance from locally connected friends. It would be a real disaster waiting to happen and as I write this I can smell breakfast being cooked; it smells delicious.

The days have been filled with trips to the Oriental Market, dentist and countless other small shops as I’m getting wiser with time. I realize that once I hit the islands everything sorta stops in terms of shopping and I know I’ll be wanting / needing things so why not take care of business before making the move? Also, the dentist did a great job even going below the gums for only $12; for an extra $10 I got a cavity filled.

I will note that having your mouth drilled without anesthetic isn’t the best feeling in the world but the job she did was as good as an I’ve ever had. I’ve found some of the best jobs I’ve had for cleanings are the small family businesses where the owners actually care. In Canada we’re processed like cattle for 10x the price and it’s not even the dentist doing the work but their dental hygienist; I digress.

Today I’m doing a shop for non-perishables that I’ll be sending by ship. Words can’t explain how happy I am to be back in Nicaragua. I’ve been to many countries before I arrived here and many countries since but it still remains my favorite. It’s not that this place is that much different than others, it’s just different for me and the Corn Islands are a special place I’m glad to have found.

I’m rambling and have lots to do, next stop … Little Corn Island!

The photo above is from outside the Oriental Market; it’s a real mess inside.

Tips hat,


7 thoughts on “Taking Care of Business in Managua, Nicaragua

  1. Dude! Been looking up pictures of Nicaragua and Little Corn Island. Place looks amazing. Definitely taking you up on that offer to check the place out later on. Should be off to Fiji early March so maybe the end of the year.

    Better be prepared to party

  2. Hey Rob, welcome “home.” Nicki and I just missed potentially crossing paths with you in Managua. We flew out of MGA back to the States on Feb. 4th. We spent over 2 weeks down there, roaming between Leon, Poneloya, Granada, Popoyo, and San Juan del Sur. We’ll surely be back. Looking to establish something of a winter retreat down there. Once that’s in play, it’ll be easier to hop on over to the Corn Islands. We love that place. Enjoy your time in paradise.

    1. Sounds like a solid plan and it will give me a reason to make my way over there. Never did the south west of Nicaragua, did other parts until I found here and never looked back.

      Glad you had a good time and hope you caught some good fish.

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