Sushi Sunday in Vancouver, British Columbia


My last night in LA was intense and went straight from a secret cinema to the airport to catch a flight to Vancouver. It was pouring rain and the $70 cab ride made me think of the house I helped a friend buy in Tanzania for $100. Organize the shuttle for $20 if you know when you’re leaving to LAX with Super Shuttle or Primetime, again I missed that boat. Will make an update on my last night in LA tomorrow as right now it’s time to get some much needed rest…

LA was cool but happy to be at a friends house in Vancouver and back in Canada. Vancouver is a world class city, if I ever make something big happen, would like to have an apartment. Met up with some people and headed to Dream Sushi on Main, it was delicious but seriously over ordered and feel distressed. If you have friends in far away places, look for long layovers as it’s always cool to hang out with people for an evening en route to elsewhere. The term “short but sweet” comes to mind.

Tips hat,

P.S: Flying to Jamaica on the 9th, stay tuned…

P.P.S: Thanks for the hospitality to my friends in LA and Vancouver and the gent who bought my dinner after I correctly answered an egregious trivia question.

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