Sunset on Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar


Being the Gent that I am, decided to see what the night life was all about and start by treating myself to a nice meal while watching the sunset. Nothing jumps off the menu and down my throat so the only reasonable thing to do is order a beer to quench ones thirst.

Would like to say the seat was great but the sun was like a razor on my retnas and burning the side of my face. These two ladies come in, sit a few tables over and begin joshing. Immediately knew were from Canada. Begin chatting and end up joining them.

Out of nowhere like 20+ Italian ladies come in, well dressed and ready for sunset. Some dudes stroll in and then this other group of ladies show, who knew!?

The sunset wasn’t that great really, the beauty of this beach is the colors during the day. Luckily the dhow sailed by or would have been lackluster. Stone Town had a nicer one, and had the only slave market in Zanzibar.

Ling story short ended up eating nothing and having a fewote drinks. After dinner the ladies and another Canadian gent they had met went to some bar, went home and played countless games of chess. Chess is way better than checkers, one believes.

Random evenings are great.

Would not bet on today being productive.

Tips hat,

Author: SHABL

Rob has been traveling the world and living abroad for over a decade. The goal was to stop having a boring life and it turned into something far greater. He's worked with national tourism boards and been mentioned in National Geographic. These days he lives abroad and loves business, technology, the tropical lifestyle, good food and travel.

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