Sunrise in Drake Bay, Costa Rica

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I’m leaving Drake Bay today and not overly thrilled about it but the show must go on. Yesterday the whole vibe here changed at Aguila de Osa as lots of characters my age came in from all corners of the world. Dinner was great and the conversation and company was even better. The photo above is from sunrise over Drake Bay on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica this morning.

I’m usually alive to the world at 4:30am with the rest of the beasts in the jungle. I lay in bed until the crack of dawn aka when it’s safe to run around like a ridonkulous recluse without the worry of stepping on a snake. You’d be shocked how many people you see out and about at the break of dawn. Seems like the only people who are asleep at this time are the tourists enjoying their vacation.

Let’s be real, in the jungle there isn’t much to do at night, so why not just pass out!?

I’m outta here in a few hours, gonna go skip stones and spend some time just resting bones.

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