Sunglasses are an Essential Travel Accessory


I’m writing this from sunny South Beach in Miami, Florida and I’m thrilled to inform you that we here at SHABL have recently teamed up with the fine people from As you know, I live in the Caribbean and I take the health of my eyes very seriously. I always have worn sunglasses in my travels but it was after moving to a sunny island that I really started to realize that a good quality pair of sunglasses are an essential travel accessory for everyone.

It’s easy to purchase a random pair of sunglasses here or there but it’s not just the style that’s important. What’s most important is that the sunglasses protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays which are ever present and even more so when you’re close to the water. Your eyes aren’t something that you’ll see deteriorate immediately if you don’t take care of them but when you’re older you most certainly will notice and wish you did take proper care. Getting cataracts or any other eye induced illness is not something anyone would like as a reminder of their times having fun in the sun.

I always have a few pairs in rotation and when I started chatting with the people from SmartBuyGlasses a collaboration between us only made sense. Also, if you watch some of my daily vlogs you’ll notice I’m almost always wearing sunglasses. Besides my camera, wallet and passport, sunglasses are near the top of my do not leave home without items. I’ll be trying out two new pairs of sunglasses and I’ve chosen well I do believe. There are so many to choose from it literally took me an hour or two but no complaints, I could browse through sunglasses for days.

Tom Ford FT0336 LEO Polarized 56R

The first pair is a polarized pair from Tom Ford, they will be replacing the ones I so sadly lost on the beach a few months ago. Polarized is a great addition if you live near the sea or any body of water for that matter as it reduces the glare and lets you see what’s underneath. If you’re a fisherman or fisherwoman, it’s a must.

Persol PO9649S 95 58

The second pair is also polarized and by Persol which is an Italian brand and one of, if not the oldest brand in sunglasses. I was torn between a pair of Persol and Tom Ford when I was in Bologna, Italy. Of course, I ended up with the Tom Ford model which I loved until I lost them on the beach so it’s really nice to be able to have a pair of both now to rotate into the mix.


At this time I’d like to tell you a little it about SmartBuyGlasses; it was originally thought up by the three founders in an apartment in Australia in 2006. After lots of hard work it was open for business to Australian customers in 2007 and fast forward a decade it is where it is today selling glasses globally and in multiple currencies. They offer free shipping on most orders, a 100 day return policy and on the infographic above you can see how the company has grown over time. You can also see their gift guide here.

In closing, I’m really excited about this partnership as it’s a perfect match for SHABL. If you’re a traveler or planning on doing some traveling and you haven’t bought yourself a pair of quality sunglasses yet, what are you waiting for? There are so many different brands and styles of sunglasses that saying there is something for everyone is an understatement.

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