Sunday Seafood Brunch



These vlogs are lagged about three weeks or so and today is a lazy Sunday on Little Corn Island. I’m a pretty busy guy so I try and make Sunday as relaxed and chilled out as possible. Also, with the construction and the stuff I do online to make that possible I am quite busy and Sunday is the only day of the week where I’m not getting any work related emails and the construction team here on Little Corn aren’t doing anything.

Its’ my day.

In this video, it’s supposed to be a lazy Sunday but not everything was delivered the night before. As a result I had to head up to Alta Vista which if you don’t know is the name of my second house on Little Corn.  Besides that I have a really sweet seafood brunch of fresh kingfish and some shrimps from the night before, I could seriously eat that every Sunday for brunch until the day I died, as my mother used to say about tomatoes “There is nothing not to like”. Of course, that is if you’ve got a sophisticated palate and a fan of the seafood variety…

seafood brunch

In other news, today has been a busy one showing friends all over the island and doing some work calls, good times. I’m sitting now at Desideri as their internet is a cut above and makes me uploading these videos from a small remote island that much easier; very thankful for it. I ordered the ginger beef skillet with a  side of papaya salad and a fresh orange juice; indeed.

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