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Summer intern cohousing: what to pay attention to

Usually, people prefer their private space to live to stay private. But as for the USA, it’s complicated to deal with it sometimes. To manage high prices, people invented such a thing as coliving, which has a lot of benefits for those searching for a good place to move in. It is not new to the world, but as the market develops, there are some things to consider when searching for a new place. How to manage your New York summer intern housing and get the most out of it?

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What is cohousing

Coliving or cohousing is living conditions when you are a tenant of premises to live with some people. They can be your mates or strangers, but sharing an apartment with them offers you several benefits that you could not reach by renting a space alone.

Cohousing can look different. It depends on who you choose to be your flatmates, what service you find to rent an apartment, the renting contract conditions, etc. As you live together, you share responsibilities too. That is why it is crucial to consider the most significant aspects before signing a contract and moving in. 

Benefits of shared living

As we mentioned, coliving has some advantages that allow you to relax and go back to self-development. Among them, we emphasize:

  1. Saving money — is the most obvious benefit. The tenancy is an expensive pleasure, and when you pay, you want everything to work well for these prices. But sharing an apartment makes it easier to realize and do. That is the reason coliving is so widespread.
  2. Communication with different people. It leads to an experience exchange, so you can find more professional or other benefits for yourself, depending on who and how you communicate with.
  3. Saving time — shared living means shared responsibilities. It makes you perceive things more seriously, analyze things, etc. But first and foremost, it saves your time on cleaning, maintaining, and managing the space. 
  4. Self-organization development. People are different, and when non-relatives live together, they need to follow rules they establish for their flatmates and themselves. You learn to be more responsible and distribute your time better.
  5. Vital knowledge enrichment. If it’s the first time you leave your family house, coliving can be a great opportunity to learn more about how to live in the modern world. It leaves you alone with your problems, and even though you are surrounded by people you live with, you learn to be more independent.

This list of benefits is not exhaustive. The most important things you reveal by yourself and find them good or bad according to your vision of life. But as for the materialistic side of the situation, cohousing is a great chance to understand your life better and learn many new things. And learning is always a benefit.

Things to consider

The first things to learn are the peculiarities of your moving conditions. Your summer internship suggests certain conditions of work and free time. And to succeed, you have to adapt according to these aspects.

Talking about the points to consider, we recommend paying attention to the following points.

Conditions of the internship

It is the main thing that determines your summer pastime. Call and find out what it will look like; if there will be some period free of work, or if there is anything else you should know to organize your move. Take notes about the most specific points, and fix the dates and other figures. Do it in advance.

Locations and routes

Look at the map, and find a location where your future internship will take place. Consider the seasonal peculiarities of a place: what routes are the busiest this time of the year, etc. It can help you avoid traffic on your way to the office or other required place. Find the most desirable locations and search for the apartments rented out in these regions.

Decide who you will live with

If you are a part of a group preparing to spend their summer the same as you, it would be better to invite them. If you prefer to stay alone it is a little easier, as you do not need to coordinate with everyone.

Find out the contract conditions

It is better to negotiate with several companies simultaneously so that you can compare information and decide which offer is the most beneficial for you.

Set the moving day and prepare everything in advance

Order the things you will need there, check if your laptop or any other appliance you take works well, prepare your clothing, and fix or buy something you do not have but will certainly need. 

Remember that first, you need to deal with organizational issues. Learn details, find out information, and look for options and alternatives — these points are critical. As for the things you take, be as minimal as possible. Finally, you can buy or order some little things, but the more mobile you are — the better.

Outpost Club advantages

The Outpost Club community provides advanced services. Locations in different NYC districts make it an advantageous place to consider. But not only does a variety of locations provide beneficial cooperation. Among the other advantages, turn your attention to:

  • complete furnishing in stylish interiors — is an integral part of every place you can rent;
  • full-bodies security provided by the Nest systems — so that you can breathe freely about your safety;
  • utility management — organization and presentation of the bills to pay is clear and understandable;
  • Keeping the place clean and tidy is up to Outpost — you do not have to worry about who will clean the kitchen next, as the cleaning of the common spaces is managed by the Outpost Club specialists.

Learn more at the outpost-club.com page.

Analyzing coliving conditions when preparing for your summer internship, you should have regard for the community you decide to work with. Of course, a lot depends on your circumstances, decisions, and consideration. But working with Outpost, you complete your effort with excellent living and contract conditions.

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