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Soaking in the Dead Sea at Sunrise in Israel


The time is early morning here along the Dead Sea in Israel. I didn’t sleep much last night as I tossed and turned thinking of a time lapse I wanted to film of the sun rising over the Dead Sea from Le Meridien David’s 15th floor. When you’re excited it’s hard to slow down and sleep, that or I left my common sense somewhere in Minneapolis. It all worked out though because at 6:15AM, I found myself soaking in the Dead Sea at Sunrise and guess what, I had lots of company…

Long story short, I ended up on my patio to check on the time lapse when I saw that a pilgrimage of sorts had already begun and countless souls were soaking in the sea.Floating in the Dead Sea is a unique feeling on this planet. It’s like you’re in space because it is completely weightless and there is absolutely NO living life forms besides yourself and the others enjoying the sea. The floor of the sea has no vegetation and just random chunks of crystallized salts, it’s quite the sight.

Make sure you don’t put your head under, I did that last time and it’s horrific also try not to touch your face because even getting the water on your lips will burn like something fierce. I’ve had a droplet fall from my hair into my eye and I thought I was going to die… If you are going to shave, do it after you’re in the sea. I’m not kidding when I say this place is intense, you’ve been warned…

The salt makes your skin so smooth that it’s like you are in a big pool of lube and your body feels super greasy yet pure so it’s a strange sensation to say the least. The Dead Sea has many healing properties and don’t be surprised to see people from around the world there for the same reason as yourself. It’s a real international scene and of the group that had gathered this morning, I may have been the only English speaker. I was curious where everyone was from and what they were all on about but whatever…

If you’re the bucket list type, I suggest you take a moment to add “Soaking in the Dead Sea at Sunrise”.

I’d go on but it’s time to pack and get ready for the journey to Jerusalem.

Tips hat,

P.S: Seriously, try and make it to the Dead Sea if it’s something you could swing…

P.P.S: They say the sea will disappear, it won’t but it might where the hotels are…

16 thoughts on “Soaking in the Dead Sea at Sunrise in Israel

  1. Very cool man, can’t wait to someday float in that salty healing water. Thanks for the warning, I’ll be sure to keep my face above!

  2. Amazing. Does the water feel thicker? Can you run your hand through it like normal water or does the salt content change the consistency and clarity. What a feeling. Looking forward to Jerusalem as im sure it will continue to fill the pages. Loving this trip man. Great Work.

    1. Thanks and it looks and feels like greasy water if that makes sense. If you rub your arm it’s just like you put waaaay too much sunscreen lotion on or soothing of that nature.

      Glad you’re liking the updates, I’m having having a really good experience here.

  3. I never knew about the salt consistency in the Dead Sea. Look forward to reading about the place I have been waiting to hear about as I am planning a trip to Jerusalem in the Spring.

    1. I knew it had salt but never knew it was this salty. I think I heard it’s 33% salt, that’s insanity and I’m in Jerusalem now, loving it.

    1. You definitely don’t want that, trust me. I went underneath once like an idiot and got it up my nose, horrific and wouldn’t wish that on anybody!

  4. What does being in a big pool of lube feel like? I’m so curious and cannot even fathom what it is you are talking about here. Is the water hot? All I have ever known is that you can float but didn’t realize you might be faced with pain. Still going on the bucket list I don’t have though.

    1. It’s just painful if you break the rules, most just lounge and have the time of their lives. Once you get to the Dead Sea you’ll know what it feels like to swim in a pool of lube and the water isn’t hot but it’s not cold. It’s also really shallow but that’s ok as you’re just floating around like a cheerio in milk.

      Cheerio, madame.

  5. Boom! On the bucket list. That’s crazy that the salt softens and “greases” the skin. Is the water cloudy or clear?

    1. The water is clear but go early early in the morning or it’s unbearably hot. I went mid day last time and it was intense, this time was infinitely more pleasant.

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