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Sihanoukville is seriously sick


Chilling at a beach side bar waiting for my $3 mixed seafood platter to arrive. Typing on an iPod touch sucks, I digress.

This place has sick corner top floor rooms with own balcony, granite floors and no neigbhors for $10us a night, 2 min from beach.

This place us like undiscovered and will only get better. Of all the places I have been, this is one of few I could see myself spending a month or so each winter.

I have become increasingly lazy and think I fiblltbkow what relaxation feels like. Almost never came here, now one if favorite stops so far. This place is like a fantasy time warp.

Lots to talk about, ladies and gents. Few keywords to trigger my mind: whatever.

My meal just arrived.

Tips hat,

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