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Sihanoukville Beach Life

Picture Thailand 20 years a go, actually I’m sure most f you can’t, and nor can I. Supposedly, if you could, it looks like Sihanoukville, Cambodia. It has me thinking…

I’m in some internet cafe, this keyboard sucks and seriously impairs my ability to transfer timely and arguably relevant thoughts. It’s almost 10pm and I have just woken from an apparently ridiculously long “mid afternoon nap”. Was supposed to meet some people at this bar at 6pm, supposedly you can rent entire movie theater / rooms and just choose your movie.

The beach here is great, it’s long but not so deep. Think of Phuket for shallow beach just loaded with lounge spots. I need to find if they have a golf course. They have fishing, diving and anything else you’d want to do really. Also the tuk tuk drivers are hilarious and most people seem to be extremely laid back.

Days are spent just hanging out in some comfy beach furniture where countless bars play good music and people just chillout (literally). Also everyone sells draft beer for $0.50 a pint, or a jug that is slightly larger. It’s easy to just waste away on the beach with a smile while working on a burn.

Only complaint by most is the often aggressive child beggers. You just gotta make it stupidly clear they aren’t interested, in anything. Once that is done, you’re OK. If not you’ll have a train ran on you. I wrote a piece on this, I’ll publish it sometime. If you’ve ran into these characters, you’d know what I was saying.

Last night myself and a friend ran into … same same but different. My Cambodia experience so far has been amazing. As a result doing anything besides flagging a waiter has become somewhat of a “chore” that can be put off.

My ipod is sorta, dead. As a result it’s KILLING ME going by all these wifi hotspots. Also my main oversized laptop battery died and I hate the operating system. Something drastic is going to have to be done to this most horrendous situation, fast.

Supposedly there isn’t so much going on in the capital, that said… I did find some ladies who went to a shooting range and were “offered” the ability to blow up a cow with a rocket launcher for $350US or something like that. That’s pretty “out there”.

I’m off to see what this particular night entails, one great thing about staying up to ungodly hours is the fact that I got to watch the last period of the gold medal hockey game. I did so while eating a double decker chicken, bacon & cheese burger.

Good day,

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