The Sicilian lifestyle has left an impression on me

Sometimes I wonder why I’m still traveling. Most of the countries you visit really aren’t that spectacular, I can say that as I’m from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and albeit beautiful, its not spectacular. I’d never say “You need to come to Ottawa, it’s the best place on this planet”. There is no “best place”, fyi.

Lately, more than ever I’ve just been questioning what the heck I’m doing with my life and why did I feel this need to see everything or at least as much as I can. Then you come to somewhere like Sicily and like a tsunami, you realize why it’s worth it. Why it’s worth giving up the life you had which after traveling, you realize was in the top 5% of all human existence.

Before we go on, if you’ve gone to university or some college, aren’t drowning in debt and have a stable job in the developed world, you’re winning. Add good health and a spouse that loves you regardless if you get fat, you’re in the lucky top 5% of the population of the planet earth, easily.

Sicily is beautiful but lots of places are beautiful. The food is wonderful, same with lots of places. It’s just the vibe that is created by several things, that’s different. If you love Italian food and you’re from North America, you’ll probably be disappointed with the food you have in Rome, that’s not what you’re used to.

Sicily isn’t as well off as Rome or the rest of the north. In fact, the south is the poorer part of Italy. As a result, lots of the immigrants we know in North America are actually from Sicily, that’s the food we know.

Was talking with a restaurant owner who lived in Boston for a while but returned. We asked him why, he said it’s the lifestyle. He said in Boston it was all “work, work, work” then “buy,buy,buy”. He said “there was no time to enjoy life”. I haven’t visited enough of Sicily but happy for the time I spent. It’s a very laid back place with friendly people in some of the most beautiful surroundings I’ve ever seen.

Taormina, Sicily was one of those places on this planet that makes the expense, the growing opportunity cost and the lack of access to your real friends and family worthwhile. I’m very glad to have been lucky enough to visit this distinct island, even luckier to have visited it with one of my favorite people, my mom.

If you get the time, I suggest you do as well.

Off to Rome tomorrow on the train, flying to Istanbul the day after.

Author: SHABL

15 thoughts on “The Sicilian lifestyle has left an impression on me

  1. “Before we go on, if you’ve gone to university or some college, aren’t drowning in debt and have a stable job in the developed world, you’re winning. Add good health and a spouse that loves you regardless if you get fat, you’re in the lucky top 5% of the population of the planet earth, easily.”

    Maybe this realization is exactly why you are traveling? Something you had to experience first-hand?

    Maybe not. Either way, your life will be richer for the experiences you’ve had.

    Thanks for blogging about your journey. I enjoy reading of your adventures.

  2. Excellent post! I’ve been to Italy twice but have never made it to Sicily. You’re making me regret it! 🙂

    1. Seems like time to make a 3rd trip. Also Sicily is considered a distinct territory, sorta like discovering a new country.

  3. I remember visiting Sicily nearly 20 years ago. We stayed in a converted monastery up in Taormina. Beautiful!

    1. Met a couple who discovered it 15 years ago, they said it hasn’t changed except for the incredible volume of tourists. That must have been quite an experience 20 years ago in those accommodations.

  4. Glad you liked Sicily, you’re right, there you can experience a lifestyle that reeks more of “reality” than the usual “work, work, work” of big cities. I’m from Sardinia, and I left because there was no job. Now I’m traveling in Asia and feel like home. I just got back from the Himalayas, with no Internet, no hot water and barely electricity. While there, I was panicking because I needed to check my email in case editors were contacting me, now that I’m back “home” in Shanghai, I missed my two weeks on the mountains.
    Next time you go to Southern Italy, I suggest you make it to Sardinia, the other island, if you are looking for genuinity I guarantee you will not be disappointed (and no, not just because it’s my hometown :P).

    1. I wanted to go to Sardinia actually. My mother met me here in Rome so I escorted her back. If my friend had not contacted me about meeting up somewhere, Sardinia was on the list. Also curious about Malta & Corsica.

      Asia feels like home for me as well.

  5. I haven’t been to Sicily yet, but I would definitely love to visit and take the time to just sit back and enjoy it and soak it all in 🙂

  6. Thanks for a great post. Sicily is always a hit – especially when you go with someone you like;

  7. We hear all of the time that happiness = $$; I think it should be a daily requirement to hear the importance of enjoyment [regardless of $].

  8. Sicily is on my list. It’s funny, I’m from Nova Scotia and I tell people all the time that they need to visit. Maybe, NS is Canada’s Sicily 🙂

  9. I like how you focus on the less glamorous aspects of travel in this article. It’s easy to forget the sacrifices long-term travelers make in other areas of their life. I’m glad Sicily was able to rekindle a spark that had obviously been missing for you.

  10. Visited Rome, Florence, Naples this past August…..Sicily is on my bucket list. Love your images & writing. Keep shining and we love watching your adventures. After Hudson Valley Posts, The Food Stalker blog will highlight Italy too….stay tuned.

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