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Scenes From the Streets of Milan, Italy


I arrived in Milan a few days ago in central station and besides this and that, have been laying low and recharging the batteries. Today was different though as I was feeling fresh and the sun was shining with those random clouds making a perfectly painted canvas in which one could find photos which will tell a sliver of the story of what this place is all about. I’m kinda head over heels about Milan because everywhere I look, there is another photo and something interesting. On the topic of heels, lots of respect to the ladies riding bikes around cobble stone streets in sky high heels.


The history here is rich but I’m not here for that. I’m here to experience it in the here and now so that I get a sense for the place. We can look back now at what a place was like 400 years ago or get involved now and sample part of the story told 400 years from now.  I always think the best way to get a feel for a new place is to stroll the streets without an agenda with not much more than a fistful of fiat currency and a fully charged smartphone. I started snapping shots when I asked a gent where the center was; he promptly replied it was that way and away I went.


There are shoe stores everywhere and a plethora of possible photos to be taken from every step of your journey. These are some photos but there were plenty more, I assure you. So many good spots so easily framed but as always, it depends where the sun is and the direction you’re shooting. This place has a pulse which I mentioned in my last post which is hard to describe. It’s as though everyone that is here actually wants to be here from locals to foreigners who decided to move to Milan and let’s not forget the tourists like myself.


Many spots around the world are filled with people who are stuck there, Milan feels like quite the opposite. It’s also a spot that I find rather inspirational because everywhere you look you see beautiful scenes and people dressed to impress; makes you want step your game up. My quick walk turned into a few hours and I covered incredible amounts of ground simply following randoms streets into others. I’ll also note that most of the people I’ve met so far are incredibly helpful and friendly. This isn’t just Milan though, I’ve found this on all my adventures in Italy.


If you are coming to Milan, make sure you have some extra cash to do some shopping. I’ve been a few places in my time and I don’t think there is anywhere with more selection in such a concentrated area. I bought some new shoes today and I’m glad I took my time because every corner has something new that you’d like to have. Some cities have a shoe shop or so, here it seems there is another equally as interesting store at every block, or even simply a few stores apart. Also, I’m not seeing an influx of big retail outlets but small boutiques with well chosen items and gregarious staff.


You could spend a summer strolling the streets, snapping shots with your smartphone and shopping. Also, there are countless cafes which seem to be at every corner and let’s not forget the incredible architecture and cuisine. Some main streets are straight enough but when you venture into the side streets they twist and turn in every combination possible. You need a little faith that you’re headed in the right direction and if you follow through with a little luck you’ll end up back on the main street you left curious how you made it so far.





























I’ve only discovered the tip of the iceberg but I’m sold.

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Tips hat,

P.S: Below is part of the pasta I prepared last night and have been eating ever since.


2 thoughts on “Scenes From the Streets of Milan, Italy

  1. Loved this little peek into Milan-life! I’ve not been yet, but it’s definitely on my list. I went to Rome a few years ago, though, and loved every second of my time there, so I’m guessing I’ll enjoy Milan as well! Have a great rest of your trip.

    1. Thanks and you will, I’d go back to Milan over Rome in a heartbeat so curious to see how you think they compare. Also love all the activities you can access within an ~hour or so train from Milan; great spot!

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