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Saying Goodbye to Ottawa and Hello to the Unknown!

Good day,

The photo above was taken two nights ago when I met up with an old friend downtown. If you’re from Ottawa you’d know that we’re basically in the heart of downtown and the famous parliament buildings are about less than 500M away as a crow flies to my north west. Would you believe a long-term resident such as myself got completely and hopelessly lost? It happens.

If you’re an extrovert, guidebooks are deadweight which is why apps are cool. If you’re an extrovert you don’t check the map, you ask a person. This is all fair and well until you ask people who have no clue what they are talking about but are fueled with false ideas. My rendezvous spot was 8 blocks behind where that photo was taken from, naturally I asked someone and got the wrong directions 7 blocks from this photo, shrug.

Ottawa is good times in the summer but it’s no Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal. There is always something going on and above all else, it’s incredibly safe, clean and never runs out of vanilla ice cream. There is nothing wrong with that combo, I dare say. It’s also considered in my opinion one of the top places to raise a child on this planet but that’s for another day…

If getting around your own city can be an adventure, imagine what can happen when traveling?

Excited to be going back into the unknown as it’s where the magic happens, I assure you.

Do what you can on this planet, while you can.

See you in Vancouver!

Tips hat,

P.S: RIP Grandpa, it was a great run and you’ll be dearly missed.

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