Rock Climbing in Squamish, British Columbia


Today is the last day of month long trip to British Columbia and we went rock climbing in Squamish. When is the last time you went rock climbing? Ever tried it? I know there are lots of indoor facilities around the world but nothing compares to the real thing. Squamish is home to “The Chief” which is a monstrous rock wall, naturally we hit runs like “Cornflakes” and “The Flying Circus” and left “The Chief” alone as a small pleb like me attacking such a structure would most certainly end badly, very badly.

We met a gregarious gent named Tennessee and he took us up to a place called “Cornflakes” I believe aka an easy climb where we rappelled before climbing it. As he said “we crushed it” and moved us over to “The Flying Circus” aka “the crack in the wall” aka it’s a 5-10-A rating and supposedly they go up to 5-15 but who knows, I don’t claim to be a pro or even in the know, fyi. Suffice to say Brendan gave it a go and got about half way up, we encouraged him / heckled him but it wasn’t a go…

I decided to try my luck and made it up about half way before saying “screw this” but was encouraged to take a break so I did. It took a while but I made it up, the trick was you needed to get your foot at about about shoulder height then pry yourself against the wall, it was intense and my “computer hands” took a serious beating. I finally made it up and felt a sense of accomplishment, doesn’t matter what it is, when you do something you thought you couldn’t, your face has a solid smile.

We’re at Howe Sound Brewing right now and I’m enjoying a cool glass of Iced Tea, sure I could have one but I don’t drink ANYTHING if I’m driving and if I’m not driving, I’ll drink anything. It’s part of the all or nothing mantra that pushes this blog everyday. Seriously though, this whole trip has reintroduced me to the outdoors. It’s easy to have who you are wiped away with your new “job title” when you graduate school and become an overweight vanilla employee. Oh yeah, the potpie at Howe Sound Brewing is outta this world, kinda tempted to order another and it just totally made my day…

Stay tuned tomorrow or Tuesday for a monster wrap-up of my month here.

I’m here with the Explore BC Project, to learn more visit the Tourism BC Facebook Page and look up #ExploreBC on Twitter.

Tips hat,

P.S: I’d like to go mountain biking here, Burns Lake Trails rekindled the racer in me…

P.P.S: Stay tuned for a video but sadly, ran out of battery *somewhere* on “The Flying Circus”.

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10 thoughts on “Rock Climbing in Squamish, British Columbia

  1. The best thing about this post is that you had a man by the name of Tennessee guiding you. If I ever have a son, Tennessee is definitely going to be either his first, middle or second middle name. Naturally he will be excellent at spelling.

    The second best thing about this post is that you actually accomplished a real rock climb. I’ve come to the conclusion that those ones in gyms/indoor adventure facilities are for posers. After seeing these photos I’m pretty sure a vast majority would have a hard time, even with the Cornflakes. Super tough —> high five!

    1. LOL about “If I ever have a son, Tennessee is definitely going to be either his first, middle or second middle name. Naturally he will be excellent at spelling.”, I’m sure your other half will have to chime in on possible names as well. I’m a big fan of Rob but that’s all I know, right?

      Yeah, at first I was a bit apprehensive as it’s literally been almost 2 decades since I’ve done that kinda stuff. Rock climbing is cool and I’m that kid who used to climbed walls (literally) so it’s a good fit & real thing is always the way to go, if you’re lucky enough to be able to take advantage.

      I’d like to see you climb cornflakes & the crack ;]

  2. All good things must come to an end.. Too bad !! mind you you just spent a month basically in heaven .. What’s next for Robby Bobby … What other life experience shall we the readers be lucky enough to read all about ? See ya soon dear sir

    1. You are right, an end makes us work hard while we can kinda like life but that’s too deep. I”m back in Ottawa and looking forward to catching muskies on the Rideau River and making birdies across the landscape. Huge trips coming up all over the world but as always, they’ll be mentioned when they become relevant.

      Talk soon and you are right, it was a month in heaven aka fastest month of my life!

  3. Now i for one know that you are capable of many things but putting your foot in a crevasse at almost-face-level aint one of them..admit it, you had a winch or a burly companion who hauled you up there while you were taking pics of the scenery, while quite possibly complaining that the ride up was too jerky to check your iphone. Seriously, awesome pics of what must’ve been an awesome trip. Makes me wanna go back to beautifull BC

    1. Everything you say is true, all joking aside it was good times and a very burly climb, not satisfied to have climbed the crack but shocked and my hands were killing.

      All that said, thanks for the compliments on the pictures and you do need to get back to BC but go north and off the grid a bit, it’s where all he killer action is. I’d like to go fishing in Terrace this weekend, no wait, every weekend!

  4. I simply _cannot_ pass up a blog about climbing & not comment on it…

    Yay for you! Psyched to hear about the 10a crack – that’s some balls & big guns you have there, sir. For being a first-timer you accomplished more than many crusty-ol’ climbers like me ever do.

    So, take that rush you had at the top, and multiply it by a bajillion times, and you have climbers. It’s that thrill of overcoming your own personal limitations to triumph in the end that makes me keep going.

    My shoulder injury is almost 100% healed, and I can’t wait to hit the rocks again. I climbed “Dierdre” a 5.8 semi-layback crack on the Chief’s “Apron” many years ago. Splendid.

    If you ever decide to give climbing more of a “go” & are back in the Squamish area, try the Cheakamus canyon 5.9 route. It gets 4 stars in all the route books for a reason. Plus, if a tourist train rolls through while you’re on-pitch, you can show-boat to your heart’s desire, and the tourists will never know it’s only a 5.9 route. Priceless!

    Thanks for the Twitter follow, & have fun!

    Your climber friend in Illinois,

    1. Hey Marissa,

      Thanks for that and I will be giving it a go again sometime in the near future I think. Not sure how I feel about indoor gyms but there are lots of places I visit in the world that probably have some fantastic opportunities.

      I hope your shoulder gets better and you can get out there again soon. Also not in any hurry to try another 5.10A or beyond! Good luck on documentary and safe travels.

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