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I had a great time in Riva del Garda, it’s a beautiful old town situated at the top of Lake Garda, Italy. There are wonderful views, delicious meals to be had, activities to experience and friendly people to get acquainted with. I also had one of the most memorable gelato experiences of my life and trust me, I’ve had lots. I bought a double pistachio in the town square and it was almost too big, also only 2 euro, nothing wrong with that my friends.

There is lots to do in the area and many use it as a base to do some  mountain biking, hiking or activities on the lake. I wasn’t there for long but we did get to do some hiking and would have done more but the weather wasn’t cooperating. That said, we did hit it up mid October which is most certainly far from the nicest time of year. That said, what I remember most about my experience was the incredible scenery, the vibe of being in a town which makes medieval times look like yesterday and the food, oh the incredible food.

The food in Riva del Garda was world class and I definitely overindulged. I left most meals feeling distressed but in a good way. Slightly saddened at my lack of self control but completely and utterly satisfied. I also rekindled my love affair with rabbit and risotto. I had the truffle risotto at one of the many fine places we ate at and it was divine, it was also even served in a bowl made of parmesan cheese; everything about it was awe inspiring.

When I first started traveling, I was in no rush to go to Italy because everyone always said it was such an exceptional experience. I expected it to be slightly overhyped and figured I’d end up there one day regardless. I’ve been to Italy a handful of times now and each time it gets better and better. It’s also a strong contender for my eventual European HQ because as much as I love living on a remote island, I’m very much aware there is more to life.

Italy has some incredible scenery, people, culture, food and geographically it’s smack in the middle of everything in my life. What’s not to like? If you haven’t been to Lake Garda, I suggest you do. It’s the largest lake in Italy and there are countless cool spots along the shores. This was the latest and one of my favourites. Should I return at some point in the summer months I’d love to do some sailing and fishing. Nothing like catching your dinner and having a shore lunch but catching your dinner and bringing it in and having it turned into classic Italian cuisine sounds just that much better.

I hope you enjoy these photos and they give you an idea of what my time was like. We didn’t just stay in Riva del Garda but also visited some surrounding areas, Lago di Tenno being one of the most memorable. We went on a hike from there into a medieval village where I had one of the most comprehensive Italian cuisine experiences of my life. I’m writing this from my house under construction and all I know is that it’s not a matter of if I go back to the area, simply when.

In closing, I’d like to thank Garda Trentino S.p.A and NordicTB for this opportunity; it’s appreciated! If you’d like to follow along on social media, simply use the #atLakeGarda tag.

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