Racing a Porsche 911 in Leipzig, Germany


Today we’re going to discuss a really fun experience I was lucky enough to partake in while visiting Leipzig, Germany for the Social Travel Summit a month or so ago. I’m not a huge car enthusiast but when I got the opportunity to visit the Porsche factory in Leipzig, I jumped at it. The tour was cool but the ride is what it’s all about. I’d show you video from the factory floor but all cameras were prohibited and for good reason.


If you’re big into cars, do know that the different color brake calipers represent different engines. If you see a Porsche with acid green calipers, just know that it’s packing some serious horses under the hood. The ride itself was pretty unreal and a few have said to me “oh, you didn’t get to drive it?!” Seriously, I could have ripped that track but it would have been infinitely lamer than sitting next to a professional who was pushing the car to the limits.


If you’re going to buy a Porsche, you usually get to do a test drive on the factory track linked here. That said, they also have a pretty slick off-road track as well for those looking into purchasing an SUV. I have a new appreciation for Porsche and considering I’m probably never going to own one, glad I got to go for a spin with a driver who held nothing back; as I stayed earlier it’s a really fun experience and glad to have had it!

If you like cars and you’re in Leipzig, take the tour and enjoy the ride!

Big thanks to my friend’s at Leipzig Tourism for setting this up, danke!

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3 thoughts on “Racing a Porsche 911 in Leipzig, Germany

  1. That looks pretty damn cool! I’m torn between wanting to be let out on the track myself to having an experienced driver who knows the car and track on the back of his hand! – I think you’re right, you’d of had way more fun than trying to push your own limits 🙂

    1. I think both would be cool but if I drove it myself; I’d really have no idea of just what the car is capable of; can’t see myself doing any drifting there… 😉

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