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Private Fjord Cruise – Bygstad, Norway

I recently returned from an amazing and most memorable trip to the fjords of Norway. We left Bergen and made our way to Villa Amot outside Bygstad which would become our base for next week. We did lots of activities and enjoyed many experiences while there but the one I want to discuss in further detail today is a private fjord cruise; if you’re going to visit the fjords, you need to get out on the water…

Before we go any further, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page as to exactly what a fjord is, yes? As described by our good friend Google, a fjord is – “a long, narrow, deep inlet of the sea between high cliffs, as in Norway and Iceland, typically formed by submergence of a glaciated valley.” To say they are stunning and something that photos and videos don’t do justice would be an understatement. Seeing them in person on a road trip is one thing but getting out on the fjords themselves, another.

On a particularly sunny day we went on a private fjord cruise with Captain Anders which was arranged by our friend and gracious host Steinar from Villa Amot. For this fjord cruise, we drove to the village of Bygstad which was a leisurely 5-10 minute drive from Villa Amot. There we went to the port and shortly after arriving, Captain Anders came and our fjord cruise began. We set sail so to speak on Dalsfjorden in the Sunnfjord region heading towards Fosseviken which is a stunning waterfall.

The weather was great and we were in no rush so we leisurely made our way to Fosseviken where some of us took photos, relaxed onboard and one of us even went kayaking. The fjord was quiet and calm and at one point we passed a group of tourist fishermen looking to get lucky fishing from the deep fjord floor. To say the experience was peaceful and serene would be an understatement; I had heard of the fjords forever and then suddenly there you are, floating through one on a picture perfect day.

Once we arrived at Fosseviken which is the property of Captain Anders also named after the waterfalls which it resides near, we setup for lunch before a hike. At this time, myself and two others even went for a swim and when I say swim, I mean a quick dip jumping off the back of the boat. I won’t even suggest that the water was warm as well, we’re in Norway but it wasn’t that cold and by that I mean, it wasn’t freezing! To say it was refreshing would be an understatement and for what it’s worth, most people who do go swimming in the fjords typically do so in late July or early August.

fosseviken norway
fosseviken norway

After lunch we had a tour of the Fosseviken property before going on a leisurely hike to another waterfall. There are lots of waterfalls around the fjords I’ve noticed so if you’re one who likes waterfalls, there are endless opportunities to take expeditions to go and experience them. I thought we’d maybe go for another swim under the waterfall at the top but as it happens going for one dip in Norway at the end of May was enough. After the hike we made our way back to camp before jumping back on the boat and making our way to Bygstad where the entire adventure began.

Below is a Fjord cruise video I made of the day, I trust it gives you a glimpse of what the experience is like. If you are taking a trip to the fjords, I can’t recommend enough getting out on the fjords themselves; it’s an experience one won’t soon forget.

In closing, I’d like to thank the fine people from Villa Amot and NordicTB for creating the #FjordSecrets campaign to explore what this region has to offer and of course, including us in the fun. As always, all opinions are that of Stop Having a Boring Life as they always have been and always will be.

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