Playboy Hits Prague & Trip to THE PUB

guerrilla marketing 101


Went on a stroll yesterday as I do everyday and saw these kids writing stuff in chalk on the street. Obviously I took some chalk and wrote “STOP HAVING A BORING LIFE . COM” for all to see. As I was doing that, some ladies from Australia began to inquire what I was doing. Before that though, I saw a Playboy Limo go by and someone filming something inside, hmmm…

guerilla marketing 101

We josh for a bit and they are going to “THE PUB” which, is actually,  a sick place. It has taps on the tables and you push which person you are then pour your own beer. You can also buy food there and there is a competition between tables. Since it was myself and 2 ladies, we weren’t “in the competition” but there were groups of 10 dudes a table just hammering it. It cost ~36Kr a beer which is ~1.5E. I had 2 pints and we split a bunch of appetizers, it cost me 8E, tip included.

The PUB Kegs Prague

The PUB touch screens Prague

The PUB good food and drinks Prague

The PUB pouring station Prague

On the way home I said farewell to my new friends and took a long way home, no rush really. As I approached my hostel that I found randomly I saw police so I walked closer, it was the playboy limo and they were all getting out. These ladies looked smashing however I will say this. If you hang out in tropical destinations for the better part of a year around the world, it’s not the same…

Playboy bunnies in Prague

Playboy Limo Prague

Playboy Bunny Prague

The women are still beautiful but you’ve seen women like that and actually partied with them so it just changes your perspective. If you only ever lived in your one area, hung out with the “hot girls from high school” or married your University sweetheart then maybe but… Know what I’m saying? That said, I think going to a Playboy Mansion Party would arguably be one of the best times ever, just saying.

Yesterday I got an email from that lady who is a friend of my friends, this is the email I sent her:


Gav just emailed me, I’m a good friend of his, old university roomates type thing. I’m in Prague for tonight, maybe another day or so. He said I should send you a note. If you’re in town feel like having a pint?

As a result, I am meeting her at her hostel tonight. Considering she is from Czech Republic and I’ve already met her once briefly in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, should be a cool time. We can also talk about a large group of mutual friends. Small world, yes?

Jazz Bar Prague

Prague Downtown Dusk

Oh yeah, “Pleasure Island” which is a massive electronic music festival is taking place at the airport on the 24th of July … Things that make you say “hmmmmmmm”, yes? ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL IN PRAGUE, Can you feel it!? I think Paul Van Dyk will be there, I like that guy.

Flicks cap,

P.S: I almost got smoked by a porsche last night so I got my travel insurance today, feels good to be covered.

guerilla marketing 101

P.P.S: For some reason hearing the clock tower do it’s thing at 8:30pm is a big deal, we were walking to the pub and that is the big crowd photo, snore.

Search Du Jour!?: ” “Private Tour” Mekong Delta ” Result, here.


  1. jeremy

    July 22, 2010 at 9:41 am

    Those on-table tap things seem like a smart idea. Have you seen anything like that before? I haven’t…

  2. unbjames

    July 22, 2010 at 10:17 am

    $10 inclusing tip for that spread of food + 2 pints??


  3. Rob

    July 24, 2010 at 5:24 am

    Jer- Never seen em, they are mean.

    Unb – 8E. I paid for 1.5 pints and we split the food 3x. I had 2 because one of the ladies couldn’t finish hers… Waste not want not right?

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