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Prague is a laugh but not the safest place. I never understood why women go to the bathroom together and now. In Prague in some shady big @ss  night club, yeah, definitely, seriously. Heard some weird stories and seen some random things. Wherever you’re from it’s a once and a while reminder, wait a Seattle second or a Nanning nanosecond, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

Also, supposedly there are “fake cops here” who will ask for your passport etc … There are different schools of thought but some say having  $$$ in your passport as a whatever is the best bet, other side? You never have it, and you don’t. Suffice to say an acquaintance of mine was asked for it aggressively late at night and he was like “no passport, no passport” and after 4 times the guy said ok, 1000kr and he’s like I have nothing… The guy told him to get lost.  Reality is once someone has your passport, it’s kinda game over. That’s your life, yes? If you think he’s a fake, tell him to bring you to the station…

Be aware.

Now that that code crap is out of the way, Prague is a city that you have to come visit should you enter this area.  FYI This place is NOT a developing country and in 2006 it was granted “Developed Country” status. Supposedly in the country areas it is still “cheap” compared to other economies however Prague, no. There is coin being banked around here.

You can still get dorms for supposedly 7-20E depending on what you’re looking for. I’m in at 15 and it’s perfect. Actually you can get a private room for 30, so if you’re with anyone, b-line it to one of them.

My friend and the creator of the “Mashups” arrived on Sunday from Lagos, went on a free all you can drink private walking tour. I discovered even more of this fine city. The lady I met here went back home yesterday, tip of the hat as it was cool hanging out with her. Most cities you’ll have “old town”, this “Old town” just goes on forever and I like how the streets are massive. In other parts of Europe the streets are so small you have no room to spot enemies or unsavory weirdos in the depths of the night.

Finland is a requirement in the beginning of August. 3-6th arrival I’m thinking. Budapest is calling me as my ex gf of forever is from there and well it’s somewhere I want to go visit. Of all things I got an email from her today, looks like another one of my friends got her number and is like showing up with perfume and shit on to go for a coffee, huh? Don’t they know girls who like gents like myself find that insanely metro!?

Slovenia, Poland (again), Romania, Lichenstein, Luxemboug, Austria, Switzerland …

I’ve spent ~2+ weeks in the block now, I’ll be back. If you aren’t married or think your life kinda sucks take a trip here and just see what else is out there before jumping to potentially ludicrous conclusions, yes? Some of these expensive countries without crap except mountains and business centers should be good for a day or so. Another factor to consider is the expiring Eurail pass. Traveling in the block is cheaper than say whatever to Lichtenstein or other locations mentioned above. Also the difference between 2nd and 1st class is larger in these countries (train wise) so if I paid for a pass why not ride these again. Germany and France have some very nice trains. I don’t really care about the train quality, I rode all sorts of weird and cheap things in SE Asia, loved it.

Went on a pub crawl and it was pretty lame, also the last bar was in the middle of nowhere, it’s like ehhh do you have an agreement with a cab agency? I walked it through these random parks then took the subway at about 7am. Last time I ever go on a pubcrawl but sometimes it seems like a good idea when you’re already in a great mood and the people you are with are like “sure whatever!” You could have said “Let’s go climb mount Everest” and it would have been the same enthusiasm probably… It’s also a weird lot that go on pubcrawls besides like random Rugby teams. It’s a lot of people looking for a party and you can have as much wood as you want but if you got no sparks in the crew, you’re not getting a fire.

My friend is going home in 2 days after a most epic 6 month tear through this wonderful place. It’s weird I started thinking about this trip and that vibe when it’s over. Most say it’s like manic depression and well you already had your fun.

One of the dudes we were hanging out with was from the Netherlands Antilles, at that 4 storey club the top floor is “Black Music” which is kinda like a wtf? Are they not aware? He found it funny but also wtfesque. Also it plays like “Holla Back Girl” and “Poker Face” and stuff. It’s weak music but that is where you’ll find all the ladies smiling like “OMG I LOVE THIS SONG” with gentleman just kinda standing and drinking next to them or getting toooo into it. You may even see 2 guys in pub crawl shirts fix their bangs before hugging it out hahahahaah.

Anything else to say before this update’s retired? No.

Flick of the Cap,

Search Du Jour!?: “Visa Problems Vietnam” – Result, here.


  1. Dr Fly

    July 27, 2010 at 9:26 am

    An old client of mine sold his dot com biz back in 2000 and has been traveling the world ever since. You are very fortunate to be able to explore and enjoy these experiences, while you are young.

    Great blog here.

  2. Rob

    July 27, 2010 at 11:18 am

    Thank you, sir.

    Cool to see you coming around these parts and very fortunate, indeed.

    Tips hat,

  3. khaled

    December 21, 2011 at 3:44 am

    i have visited praha on January 2011 .. it’s really amazing city .. i hope to be there agan soon if i can .. if any one want to contact me kindly add me on facebook khaled elserafy

    • Rob

      December 21, 2011 at 4:51 am

      Cool, it’s a fun city and hope to return.

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