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Photos From a Week in Toronto, Canada

Taking VIA RAIL home after a week in Toronto.Greetings,

I originally wrote this from the train between Toronto and Ottawa but when you get real rural, even the wifi on VIA Rail doesn’t work so here we are, a few hours later. The weather is atrocious in Ontario right now and it feels like late fall and frugal homeowners who take pride in pinching pennies are even turning on their heat, huh?! Isn’t this JUNE?!  This reminds me of how I made the mistake of going to Europe before July on two occasions, that will never happen again and you should heed my warnings.

The above montage is a week in Toronto made with Qwiki because it makes everything oh so easy. To say I had an amazing time this last week would be an understatement.  Toronto truly is the largest city in Canada, the fourth largest in North America and absolutely, positively an international hub. Whatever you want is in Toronto, wherever you’re from you’ll meet others and whatever you’re looking for you’ll certainly find.

I’d go on but it’s time to kick back and relax until the next episode…

Tips hat,

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