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I’m writing this from a hotel room and in a few hours I’m starting the journey to Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ve been to Scotland once before but only briefly so when the opportunity arose through an invitation from my friends at Visit Britain, I immediately accepted. Last time I was there I briefly stopped in Glasgow, spent a few days in Edinburgh and played a round of golf; I plan on doing much more this time around.

I’m excited to be visiting Scotland, especially in the summer. Last time I was there it was late fall so I’m hoping for a scenic Scottish summer experience as this time, I’ll be getting out of the city and exploring more of what this country has to offer.  Scotland isn’t a very big country population wise with just over 5 million people and despite Edinburgh being the capital, Glasgow is the largest city. My great grandmother is from Glasgow so I’m excited to be spending some time there.

I’ll be in Scotland for just over a week and doing lots of things including but not limited to touring Edinburgh, exploring Glasgow, doing some sea kayaking, going on a scenic 20 mile bike ride, playing a round of golf, visiting St. Andrews and more. I’m going to be sampling some adventure, culture and cuisine and quite looking forward to it. I’m also excited to be playing golf again as there isn’t a course on the small island that I now call home and after all, Scotland is the home of golf.

Below are some of my posts from my first time visiting Scotland; I don’t have many to share as I wasn’t there very long. I was participating in two different conferences when a friend of mine invited me to join her and friends for Thanksgiving. Considering it’s my favourite holiday, I most certainly said yes and rushed to Edinburgh then left not long after. This is going to be a great opportunity to really get to know the country and share it all with you.

  • Edinburgh, Scotland is a Special Spot
  • Round at Duddingston Golf Club in Edinburgh, Scotland

Something that I’m going to go into more detail about now is the fact that I’m visiting Eilean Donan Castle. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of castles and love roaming the ruins visualizing what it must have been like in the past. I’m not sure what it is that draws me to castles but Scotland most certainly has its fair share so very glad to be able to explore one of them. This castle is located in a stunning spot and crossing my fingers for great weather on the day I visit.

If you’d like to follow along what’s happening in real-time, please search the hashtag #DestinationBritain on most major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Also be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel as I’ll be filming a daily video blog about the entire experience to really give you an idea of what it’s like being there and what you can expect.

In closing, this campaign which I’ll be tagging with #DestinationBritain was created and managed by iambassador in association with Visit Britain. That said, obviously all thoughts are my own as they always have been and always will be.

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