Off to Discover the Nevada I Never Knew About



When you hear about Nevada in the United States you most likely think of Las Vegas, yes? That’s fine, I was basically in the same camp until this trip came about. This mission is to discover the Nevada most don’t know about and enjoy the unexpected adventures and diversity which awaits. I’ll be flying into Las Vegas and taking a three day road trip to discover a small sliver of what Nevada has to offer before flying out of Reno.

This will be a most amusing and transformative journey because road trips are always fun, informative and filled with adventure; if you do them right that is… Also, I’m going to explore many places that I have never heard of and others I know very little about. Above all else it’s that feeling of uninhibited freedom on the open road in a region which becomes increasingly interesting the more I learn about it. I’m pleased to have paired up with TravelNevada and Expedia to help make this road trip a reality

This is by no means my first trip to Nevada and most likely not my last either. I’ve been to Las Vegas a few times before and it’s where the crazy trip which made me the man I am today really began back in 2009. That said, the other destinations on this trip sound delightful and are just waiting to be discovered. I’ve told a few people about this trip and everyone who has been says that Lake Tahoe is a special place, I like the sound of that and below is a rough outline of the road trip.

Arrive in Las Vegas:

Rent a car, visit container park, eat some dinner and explore Fremont Street.

Day 1:

Hiking in Red Rock Canyon,  explore Rhyolite Ghost Town, Goodwill Open Air Musem and stay overnight i Beatty.

Day 2:

Explore the town of Tonopah with a stop or so along the way to Lake Tahoe!

Day 3:

Snowmobiling and visiting Bonsai Rock in Lake Tahoe, Reno Playa Art Park and exploring Reno.

It’s a quick trip with an emphasis on free range art, one of those where you’re there for a good time and not a long time.  I’d like to invite you all to join along on the journey by following the hashtag #NevadaStories on most major social media networks. I’ll be quite active on them for the duration of this trip which starts now! After hitting publish, I’m off to the airport for a 7am departure with Las Vegas being the final destination.

Life is meant to be a fun transformative journey and with that, I’m off to discover Nevada…

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Tips hat,

P.S: Photo above was taken from Wikipedia and it’s of Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe; my photos coming soon…


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