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Where to begin? How about a “what!?” Went out this weekend and Odessa, Ukraine arguably has some of the best nightlife I’ve seen. Truly world class and out of control in the best way ever. On a trip around this part of the world, Odessa is definitely somewhere to have on your radar. This weekend rocked, let me expand…

Shortly after that photo was taken in the last update, returned from the beach and hung with some gents. Later went to this bar down the street. Upon entering and exchanging pleasantries with my friends this gorgeous blond lady sitting at a table begins to flag me, then says that she has seen me before, this never happens. We join them and enjoy several beverages.

Later, there was a group heading to Arcadia which is the bar district along the sea. I didn’t know what to expect but decided to go just for the heck of it. The group involved myself, a Mexican teacher, a firefighter from California, a lawyer from Amsterdam, a doctor from somewhere and an out of control business man from NYC. The business man is married to a local lady and it was her birthday. As a result all her friends and whatnot were going to join us, not going would have been an epic fail.

Went to Itaka and it was arguably one of best clubs I’ve ever been to. It’s part of a beach resort and has two main dance floors, check it out on line. The main stage played house and the lower floor near the pool played a real mixture of musical genres. It costs about 12 euro to get in and is worth every penny. Beers will cost you 6 euros and no idea how much the bottle of vodka we bought cost.

Ended up staying there all night, by all night I mean leaving in the morning after the sun had risen.  I want to stress that if you come to eastern Europe, make your way to Odessa and soak up the scene. It’s very vibrant and one of the most exciting places I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting the pedal to the metal after having a mechanic remove the brakes. Last night headed to a local bar where they had this band, it was “ok”. Not really a fan of live music, more of a hippy vibe.

Thinking of going out in Odessa? A great way to play it is to head to the beach and hang out at one of the beach bars for a few hours and just enjoy the scene, come home and do the whole shower routine before heading to a local place followed by Arcadia. Can’t stress enough that this club was completely off the hook and the people inside were just as egregious.

At the beach you can buy 2.5L for $3 and lots of bars sell drinks for 1 euro each.

The weather here has changed big time, it’s cold and rainy now. Sorta reminds me of Ottawa in the fall, not cool at all. As a result, there was a mass exodus of travelers from the city as it will rain for the next few days. Can’t believe how many people live by the weather network, it’s usually wrong anyways.

Serious digression.

Long story short, come to Odessa, you’ll love it.

Took a bunch of photos at the beach, will make an update tomorrow.

In closing, got invited to help judge some media awards highlighting the best blogs on the internet, pretty cool, yes? I’m just happy to be associated with many people that I have a tremendous amount of respect for. More on that later…

Tips hat,

P.S: Didn’t bring phone to the club, hence no photos, apologies as they’d of been worthwhile.

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