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Night Train from Chumphon to Trang

Arrived in Chumphon or Chumphorn (keep seeing different spelling on different signs) and just booked a train ticket to Trang, Thailand. It’s on a night sleeper and it cost 396baht, which is alright considering it’s also a nights stay. We could of spent the night here and took a bus to Krabi tomorrow but opted for this.

When we arrive in Trang ~8:30am, we need to find a bus to Krabi. Considering I already had to pay a cancellation fee on my trip to Bangkok, never book full trips unless you are 100% sure, going leg by leg is arguably more fun and the flexibility is priceless.

Looks to be a night market near here which is cool as we have time to kill until 1:30 am when our train leaves. It’s ~7pm now.

I am with a group of 7 from Canada, Germany and Denmark. Traveling with a group has it’s pros and cons, when you are with cool people though, the pros far out weigh the cons and numbers are always good when traveling.

The ferry today was a walk in the park compared to the other day, leaving beautiful Koh Tao was tough, being back on the road makes me happy however. It’s a huge world and you’ll never get there unless you “get going and get to it”, so to speak.

On a side note, I saw my first golf course since Vegas, it was bitter sweet as I can’t play it. That said, I do plan on playing some golf, very soon and hopefully for very cheap.

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