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Next Stop, Las Vegas!

I LOVE LAS VEGAS. Straight up, the place is awesome and arguably one of my favorite places in the world thus far. I like it because of the intensity, enthusiasm, cheap hotels, flights and general debauchery that ensues. I filmed this video above last year when I was leaving, knowing full well I’d be back. The minute you get off the plane your energy levels spike and you feel alive, so incredibly alive. Never been? Go.

Last night in Vancouver was awesome, had dinner and drinks with some great friends. Good times until I woke up with a head that felt like an anvil on my neck accompanied by an aggressive man with a big hammer.

Got my travel insurance today. I’d bore you with more on this topic but I ended getting what I wanted, for cheaper after calling around in circles while my head was  spinning.

Next stop? Las Vegas. I have no clue how long I’ll stay, I’m aiming for~5 days. What’s funny is how cheap it is to stay in Vegas because they expect most visitors to be degenerate gamblers, alcoholics or both.  If you aren’t a degenerate gambler, you don’t have to worry about losing it all before hanging yourself with your neck tie in the gents room.

On that uplifting note, good day to you.

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