Mount Seymour, BC – 30 Seconds

I’ve made a decision. I’m going to start taking 10-30 second clips from time to time and posting them here, for you. I remember when I was chained to my desk, so high on caffeine I wasn’t sure if I should redo some TPS reports or dry-heave in the bathroom, I was always curious “what’s going on around the world?”

These are going to be short videos, recording a moment in time, in a particular location. I was always looking for say “What’s it like in Bangkok” and you get these bs travel sites explaining / regurgitating the same thing, over and over to the point of nausea. All I wanted was to see what it would be like, even for a brief second, something to feed my imagination. Sadly, there was nothing.

Hopefully this will help remedy that. To start things off I’m posting something on Mount Seymour as it was truly a spectacular view. I have some others I will post at a later date and as this trip is about to get exotic, I figured why not!? If I was reading a blog about travel, it’s what *I’d* want to see.

Side note: got my final vaccine today and I’m ready to get the h3ll out of dodge so to speak. I love Vancouver but I quit my job, sold everything to quench my thirst for excitement and uncertainty, I’m getting awfully thirsty!

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