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Monte Pucci Necropolis in Gargano, Italy



The other day myself and some new friends were exploring the Monte Pucci Necropolis in Gargano, Italy. It’s not far from the town of Rodi Garganico and was found when a gent was chasing a badger away and it went down a hole… They investigated and found a necropolis which archaeologists believe has been a burial place since as early as 313A.D and there is still much more to be discovered…


The most impressive sight is right as you enter and it’s by far the most excavated of the lot. I wasn’t sure what else there was but much to my surprise, it looks like most of the side of the hill was used as a burial site. Besides discovering a forgotten world, it’s also a scenic hike and worth the time should you find yourself strolling the streets of Rodi Garganico or find yourself in Gargano and looking to do something a little different.


I also learned that fig trees often look for big pockets of air to run their roots into. As a result, wherever you find fig trees there is a good chance a subterranean cave of some sort isn’t too far away. Some of the other sites looked interesting but were not as large or too dangerous to go in due to fear of falling rocks or worse, a total collapse of the cave itself. One of the caves was called the cave of 100 columns as well, lots of columns. It has very low ceilings and sadly, not a good idea to enter.


Italy has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world and with finds like this, it makes me wonder what else has been buried in this interesting part of the world by the sands of time? It’s not a tough hike by any means so it’s something people of most fitness levels could do and the town of Rodi Garganico looks quite quaint so it would be ideal to combine the two in a day trip should you find yourself in the area and finish it all off with some beach time as it’s right along the coast.










I’d like to thank my friend’s at GraganoOK for their hospitality, it was appreciated.

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