Moment of Silence for the Necktie

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“Scarface” is healing quite well and has some decisions to make. Wanna know what’s nuts, it’s like ~$350US for 6 months of travel insurance or ~$115US for 2 weeks, wtf!? Then again … most only go for 2 weeks or less so they can get away with it. Frankly it makes me irate. I’m exaggerating on “Scarface” I’ll have minimal damage, looks way better than day 1, hahaha. Obviously the area is still VERY “sore to the touch” though. All joking aside, I have 1 photo where I actually remind myself of the goonies sloth, it makes me laugh.

Looking through some old updates today, I can’t believe I’ve blogged as many times as I have, basically everyday except for “Sihanoukville” where I was on another planet both physically and mentally for a few days. ~7 months of non stop daily blogging is rather intense, I do say. Lately I have been feeling kinda stale though.On the topic of stale and I’m not talking about your boss’s opinion of your breath…

I eat the stalest sandwich in the world today. I got to “my ladies place” about an hour before she opened then later about 10 minutes after she closed. This other lady hooked me up but the bread was so stale, whatever. It’s hard fighting for a “just price” when all your laundry is dirty so you’re wearing a polo. Then again, most of the stuff here is fake anyways so they should assume it is as well.

That got me thinking… What is “FAKE”? Like the best thing to fake in the world is a hand bag as it has no use except holding things. You hear snobs be like “the quality and stitching isn’t as good”… Eh, why does that matter? You just put money and stuff in it. I like the joke “you’re supposed to put money in a purse, not put money into a purse.”

I’ve become annoyed and disgusted with mainstream brands since coming here. You see them everywhere being sold for like $1.  Yet back home people work 9-5 then get taxed to Tasmania and back then buy them at 100x the cost and pay a 15% tax all to … all too what? I think a lot of people in today’s world have NO CLUE who they really are and if they did find out, wouldn’t like it. Instead they identify / make their “personality” through the brands they buy.

They are like, hi my name is X and you should associate me with <insert favorite brands here> almost as though if those brands stopped making stuff or evaporated … They’d be lost. on this same vein, I’ve always found it funny how people spend more for designer underwear like… Do you really think if you get to the point that that is all you have left on it will make a difference as to what will happen next. Especially for ladies. Can you imagine a guy being with a lady who is in her bra / panties and being like “wow, those aren’t Victoria Secret” ehhh I forgot I had a meeting, I need to be home for dinner, lets take a rain check, sorry I really gotta go…

Anyways when it comes to “fake” I can see how a fake pace maker, antibiotic, auto part or rock climbing rope would matter. A fake shirt, what!?!? Is a fake shirt going to do the job any less efficiently than the real one? NO. You can buy fake polo / lacoste for $2US a shirt here, probably 6-7 for $10 but I still don’t own any because they are trendy and played out. How is having a little alligator on your shirt cool anyways?

Side note, a fake laptop would suck much like a fake iphone with no wifi and my laptop is falling apart in numerous places. In true frugal fashion, I will use it until it dies then just leave it in a hotel room. I have respect for people who drive cars to the ground then just leave it side of the road with the keys and catch a cab home. ~claps~ I applaud you.

100% silk ties so many but who buys them?

I met a lady who can supply and or ship 100% silk ties for me. My question is, do people even still buy ties!? I like ties, maybe I should start wearing a tie with my white t-shirt (imagines it…) no I don’t think so, well maybe!? Then again ties have many uses from bedroom accessory to saving someones life if there is an earth quake and someone is dangling from the side of a building or a large crater in the earth. They could also be used to protect your callous free executive hands should you decide to pump some serious iron on the way home from work without changing. I like neck ties because they are easy to ship, good margins, low barriers to entry into the wholesale world ($$$) and people know what they are getting so low return risk.

I asked a lot of friends through email about some non branded shoes and ties. Most said no, some said yes. This is the thing… I make the vast majority of my income online through a website that if I asked 1,000 of my friends if they’d purchase from it, they’d say no. Then again, if you ask a group of people a question and get a unanimous answer, it means something. If you ask 10 people and get 10 answers, disregard all of them.

I’m perplexed ~scratches chin and stares into nothingness~

Anyways in other news staying in a place that has so many people “breeze through” feels like you’re the oldest guy in the world and all your friends die before you. Everyone leaves except you. I don’t mind though, I’m trying to get some stuff done here it just takes some time. Ever think of that? If you know someone SUPER OLD it means everyone they know died, think about how much it sucks when 1 person you care about dies…

What ya think about the ties? Who cares what you think about ties, they are dead, done, over. The idea of a site is officially “SHELVED”. Check this out, it sums up the sad state of affairs that the “necktie” is in, basically sales are being strangled by a noose of “informal attire being totally cool” at work. I believe I was born in the wrong era, would be nice to be in a top hat and tuxedo time, but with internet; whatever.

A moment of silence for the necktie please…


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