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Moldy Clothes & Exploding Lighter in Phnom Penh


Had a day of really, totally, nothing. Oh I found out you can get wifi (decent) for $1.50 a day here and if you throw your wet ipod touch / iphone in a bag of rice, YOU MAY be able to salvage it. Whatever I’m over it, just sucks about the contacts.

This place is alright, supposedly “lake side” is where all the bars are and most of the guest houses that are budget and filled with mice. I’m staying somewhere near by but basically the same. It’s quite interesting being here, tomorrow it’s time to visit the Killing Fields, I do believe.

This tuk tuk driver is h3ll bent on taking me to go get my Vietnam visa from the embassy. This typically is in synch with my train of thought. Go to the source and ruthlessly cull the middleman’s greedy paws from your prize.

I digress.

Anyways, Phnom Penh is “ok” so far. Granted I’m resting up from hanging out with a friend on a ~12 day vacation. I keep finding myself in this one bar, owned by an English fellow for breakfast and dinner. I run into interesting people, regardless of the time of day. Typically not your average back packer. Like some dude who went to Thailand 10 years ago and never came home. I thought the guy was like 58, he’s 35. I felt like a kid next to him.

He filled me in on all sorts of stuff I had always assumed but never had confirmed. I may venture out tonight but realistically, probably not. I need to get this visa thing sorted, tomorrow. If not I’m just wasting a weekend here when I could be elsewhere.

On a side note, never, never throw in some wet shorts with your luggage and then lock it up for a few days… I think a lot of my clothes are moldy, ok they are. My new shorts are rank and those filthy white-tshirts I so often don, beyond salvageable. I mean they smell so bad, they were almost “ruined” before this whole wet shorts in sweaty bag routine. Also mix in a pair of shoes that got wet and someone nicked your flip flops so you’re wearing them all the time. hmmmm I really need flip flops again, even though I hate wearing flip flops. You need flip flops for the bathrooms whether shared or private. They are all SHARED just not at the same time, you know?

Guess what else? If your cherry falls off your smoke, onto a Cambodian Lighter… It will explode. Nothing huge but big enough to be like wtf just happened here. They are cheap, I’ve heard many weird stories about them and now have a confirmed one, it was me who dropped the cherry on the lighter and I saw it do its thing.

I think it’s time for some radical change as most of the stuff I’ve bought on this trip is now used, abused and in need of replacement. Supposedly Vietnam is amazing or absolutely atrocious, depending on who you talk to. I’ll just have to check it out myself and see what’s going on over there. I am a fan of small beach towns. Not huge beach results, just small beach towns. Reckon Vietnam should have some.

Finally, is it just me or is it March something? Yes, that’s right March something… It’s golfing time soon, fishing time soon, peace the $#$K out winter time soon. I have no real reason to of mentioned this other than once the winter leaves, a large portion of the world becomes “interesting” again.

Good day,

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