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A Merry Christmas in Leon, Nicaragua


Leon, Nicaragua is an interesting place to spend Xmas. This gent who has had all these issues in Managua told me that nobody went out and everyone stayed at home. Clearly he was “out to lunch” as it appeared everyone in Nicaragua was out and about in Leon last night. The town square in front of the main cathedral was standing room only and everyone was dressed up very elegantly one might add… It was a experience I wish I could translate better in to words, the place was simply packed and so alive it was electric.

Suffice to say knew numerous people that were supposed to be in town. For some reason I didn’t contact anybody and just figured things would work out. Went for a stroll at 7:30PM and guess what? Saw nobody and began thinking I had made an egregious error in the planning department. Went to an internet cafe to send an email then check back some hot spots, nobody.

That’s when a lady I know caught my eye and said hello, from there saw my friends from Esteli and moments later ran into the Spanish ladies I met in Las Penitas and ran into in Matagalpa. From there we went to visit SMBL from previous posts, that’s the “Spanish Man w/ Broken Leg” fyi. Upon arriving were informed that most restaurants were full so he had his driver Martin who was a mammoth man drive us to the grocery store. Pure chaos!! Everyone wanted a cooked chicken and we wanted three, suffice to say we didn’t get one.

Bought countless shrimp, chicken and every type of vegetable you can think of along with a 12 pack of Maestro beer and a liter of Ron Plato. Was going fro Flor de Cana but Martin insisted we go Ron Plato. A good rule of thumb is NOT to trust your drivers thoughts on what rum to buy. Afterward we drove back to the families house where SMBL is staying.

Took the risk of not being home and paid the price. What I got was a unique and authentic experience of Xmas in Leon, Nicaragua. I’m also sure that the family we met will remember it as well. It was a single mother, her daughter and a friend from Matagalpa. The other guests were the SMBL, myself, the two Spanish ladies and another Spanish gentleman.

Merry Christmas,

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