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Merry Christmas From SHaBL


We here at Stop Having a Boring Life (SHaBL), would like to wish you a marvelously magnificent “Merry Christmas”. If you do no celebrate Christmas, we’d just like to wish you a delightful day and hopefully you are off work, with pay.

In order to “celebrate Christmas” my French friend and I polished off what we had and left the hotel in search of a “Christmas Rager’, there was NONE, much to our chagrin. Seriously this place is so rural and sleepy, the closest thing we found was a bunch of teenagers playing chess and dominoes while drinking “Ari or Arah” the local whiskey.

Also cruised on the backs of their scooters in search of this “elusive Christmas party” but found nothing except a small vendor selling cigarettes and day old chicken. The chicken tasted like shoe leather but I swallowed it with a smile.

There were packs of dogs roaming the streets, when they get too close, grabbing for a rock really freaks them.

Today, myself and the ladies I am traveling with are headed back to Kuta in the South. There I will go out with my Finnish friend and order a feast, somewhere. Somewhere in Kuta they HAVE to have a traditional Christmas Dinner and I am willing to pay whatever they ask. To me, that meal is incredibly inelastic, similar to insulin to a diabetic or fries to a fat kid.

Our driver arrives at 5pm, until then we are just baking in the heat, similar to the turkey I’m sure my mom will be baking in the oven. I am very serious about hunting down a traditional Christmas dinner. My only concern is that we arrive in Kuta too late and the restaurants have closed.

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you.

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