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I’m in freezing old Ottawa dreaming of warmer destinations and looks like dreams do come true as this morning I woke up to the latest film from my talented friend  Caspar  Diederik. Caspar makes inspiring films and shares them all through his blog StoryTravelers. I’v’e had the pleasure of traveling with him a few times and most certainly look forward to future adventures. This video is from our time in South Africa earlier this year as part of the wildly successful #MeetSouthAfrica campaign.

This was my second time in South Africa and each time I return, I like it more. South Africa is so much more than just safari but don’t get me wrong, the safaris are pretty sweet too. I remember the first time I found out, I was on Little Corn Island in the Caribbean and I nearly exploded with excitement. Going back a second time was a similar feeling and I’ll tell you this much, at some point I’ll most certainly be back. It’s also left me with memories for a lifetime like the world’s tallest bungee swing, a helicopter ride over Cape Town and can’t forget seeing the “Big 5” on safari.

Cape Town in particular is catching my eye as it seems like a great destination to base oneself for a month or so each year. During the summer it seems ideal but even during its winter if you want to call it that; seems quite bearable to say the least and always beautiful. This film brought back lots of great memories, especially the hot air balloon. I’ll tell you something, I think a hot air balloon ride is something most people should do at some point in their lives and it’s cool for all people regardless of their physical fitness.

The more I travel the more I appreciate videos because they really do tell the story best. Text is great but it’s easy to miss the point or write something somewhat wrong all together; especially when written ages after the fact. Video is truest of truths and captures the moment ever so perfectly. So I hope you enjoy this film and you should subscribe to Caspar on Youtube if you haven’t already; he’s always dropping stellar videos and I’m sure the best is yet to come…

I’d like to once again thank everyone at iambassador and South Africa Tourism for the wonderful experience. In closing, I’ll note that having been to South Africa twice now I’ve still yet to really dive deep into one of the coolest segments if you ask me. People think of culture, food, history, safari, wildlife and natural beauty but what about golf? Some incredibly interesting golf courses are in South Africa and one of these days I’m going to investigate them and naturally, bring you all along for the ride.

That or just live in Cape Town for a while; stay tuned. Oh, I almost forgot. If you’re looking to tune into new and old content from South Africa on social media, simply look up #MeetSouthAfrica hashtag on all popular social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ etc… The campaign may have come to an end but the hashtag is still going strong, indeed.

Oh what I’d do to be in South Africa today; Ottawa is reminding me why I left…

Tips hat,

P.S: The bungee swing is still one of the craziest things I’ve ever done…

Author: SHABL

Rob has been traveling the world and living abroad for over a decade. The goal was to stop having a boring life and it turned into something far greater. He's worked with national tourism boards and been mentioned in National Geographic. These days he lives abroad and loves business, technology, the tropical lifestyle, good food and travel.

2 thoughts on “#MeetSouthAfrica Film by StoryTravelers

  1. I was in South Africa for 2 months, and Cape Town was my base. I loved it so much I would go back in a heartbeat!

    The video looks great, the hot air balloon is on my bucket list 🙂

    1. Lucky lady and would love to base in Cape Town for a bit. Hot air balloon rides are good times, make it happen; a wonderful experience.

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