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What’s up!?

These pain killers have stupid amounts of caffeine, I was curious why I haven’t slept in like, days. At the hospital they give you a pill to pass out, now I’m busy doing business on the internet. I feel a very long sleep / slumber in my near future. I’ve been busy reconnecting with some mastermind groups I’m lucky enough to be a part of and using some good old fashioned “sweat equity”.

Let’s get to the point here. Since being “out of commission” basically I’ve reconnected with some “old school chillers” and I’m not talking about a “let’s get drunk and talk rubbish” gang, although I’m sure that goes down sometimes too. Since being bed ridden for the most part I’ve gotten back with some of my SEO friends and met others. Just hang out on skype and talk about whatever people are up to, it’s a stream of consciousness from brilliant minds, it’s sweet. It’s so much better than talking to someone with a Vang Vien shirt about “this time they were in …”

I also belong to a financial mastermind group, The PPT. I’ve mentioned it before because it’s great. I don’t believe in free lunches and I love places with barriers to entry, it keeps the riff raff out, ya heard!?

Been spending some time there but this market is boring and it sucks. It’s also just retail investors joining in because they think it’s “safe again”. That or we’re going to melt up, like I know.

I’ve spent the last 24 hours registering a domain, installing a shopping cart, configuring a shopping cart and taking photos of some products. I’ve got a few stores I’m going to throw up but thought maybe I should just throw one up, but whatever looks like it will be a few stores. Who knows, I never know.

I went to the market today to get those cargo, I was like “ok this is gonna be a pain” and was ready to say “let’s make the side pockets generic” and I may also have those as well but I like having the specialty pockets because i like to know where my stuff is when I”m traveling, a few quick “pats” of your pockets and you know if you got your stuff or not. Anyways, I got there and these prototypes #5 are like … quite nice.

~Shakes head and spits out blood from his broken sinus.~

Oh I almost forgot, sweat equity… Typically I’d pay someone to do what I did like I dunno ~$500-2K and it wouldn’t be right and they’d make like they were doing me a favor and my momentum would come to a screeching halt while waiting for an email back…. Not this time, I just saved a chunk of cash and learned a bunch of stuff. I realized that even if I/you can outsource for cheap, if I/you have time and not using it for anything MORE constructive, why not do it in house? It’s funny how we are in an outsource culture because ‘everyone is too busy’ and if you fill your day doing 100% lucrative and productive things, sure, but if not…

I’m getting to the point where I can start to communicate in Vietnamese. Met a local friend like 15 min from tourist area and walk into this food stall, everyone looks at me like “What is he doing here”. I say “what’s up” and immediately they smile, then I order from the lady and other people smile almost as though in shock some foreigner bothered to learn.

Tips hat,

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