Malaria Symptoms & Treatment – Day 3


So it’s day 3 of the malaria treatment that I’ve been receiving. I should be feeling ready to run a marathon, yes? Sadly, no. Above is my own little “private hell”, at least it’s private. I’ve been there since the last update, that or in the gents room “freshening up” so to speak.

I’d say I feel fractionally better than yesterday. Still bad enough that looking at your iphone gives you a headache. It’s crazy what bed ridden really means. You can be tired and stay in bed, lazy and stay in bed. Bed ridden is when there is honestly nowhere else you could be.

The main problems now are serious chills or fever. It alternates between the two. When I get out of my bed I get insanely cold, when I return I’m freezing for about 10 minutes and then start sweating profusely. My friend said I should be feeling better. Some other friends told me that they felt horrible day 3 and better day 4.

Either way, I’m going to another clinic tomorrow. There are no International Clinics here and I’m much too ill to consider traveling, it’s just a non issue. Luckily I’m in a house that is well stocked and have friends around. For some reason, for the first time on this trip, I’d rather be nowhere else than in my old room that my parents haven’t changed eating chicken soup that my dad made, fresh of course.

This link is to the Mt. Meru Hospital, wow. Getting sick overseas opens your perspective on life. It’s really sickening with all the wealth that so many parts are just forgotten. Especially with the kind of wealth here. Do you have any idea how much this area makes on Safari trips? There are over 200 operators yet this is one of the hospitals.

Makes you think of all the “forgotten people” who no one really gives a shit about. It’s funny how everyone is so preoccupied with their vanity while people are dying constantly,un-needed. It really hits home when you get ill and there is nothing you can really do. I am going to another clinic tomorrow to get tested again.

I am 100% convinced that doxy is a joke. I started getting seriously ill the day after I stopped taking the pills. I am convinced that they were masking it the whole time. My friends just came in, my train of thought is ruined. I will note something though, it’s sickening how most people here that work for “NGO’s” all have shiny new Land Cruisers. There is a 100% import tax here. The price of one of those could do so much good. The joke amongst pilots is that if you want a sweet SUV and not have to do anything, just join a large NGO.

Back to my bed. I must say, if one here healthy, looks like a decent day outside my window. My friends just confirmed that the second clinic I thought of is top notch, relatively speaking and is a private one. They have brand name coartem here, I am not taking anything until I see another Doctor as it should have run it’s course.


  1. James Shannon

    March 23, 2011 at 6:31 am

    get better soon, bro … I’ve noted the same things with regards to the rich/poor gap here in Cambodia.

  2. Jeremy

    March 24, 2011 at 6:49 am

    Damn. Many hopes that the gentleman recovers full health quickly.

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