Ma’In Hot Springs in Jordan | A Must Visit for Spa Lovers

What a day, relaxing at the Six Senses Spa at the Ma’In Hot Springs Resort in Jordan.  I’m a big fan of adventure but also love spas, hot springs and the like. Spas rejuvenate you and is a really nice break after some intense hiking, scuba diving and skydiving. The Ma’In has some of Jordan’s best hot springs.

Trip to the hot springs in video below starts at 4:20.

Ma’In Hot Springs

The Ma’In hot springs in Jordan are a beautiful place and beyond relaxing…. The hot springs at the Six Senses Spa are a major draw. When you book a spa treatment, you can enjoy the ones exclusively open to spa guests. Without a spa treatment there is another hot spring which is also beautiful but it’s a totally different atmosphere, naturally. When visiting for an afternoon, it makes sense to enjoy the hot springs at Ma’In, get a massage, back to the hot springs. Maybe receive some other treatment and of course back to the hot springs… Better yet, just plan on spending the day at the spa. Now, let’s dive deeper into what makes this region so special.

Ma'In hot springs at Evason Hotel in Jordan

One of the gents in our group had been there before and was really talking it up throughout the trip. After visiting the  Ma’In Hot Springs, I understand why. The Six Senses Spa was just as nice as he had made it out to be as well.

Where are the Ma’in Hot Springs located?

The Ma’in region has a staggering 63 different hot springs in the region. Most are different temperatures with a similar collection of chemicals. The main elements include carbon dioxide, calcium, radon and sodium. Ma’In is located south of Amman roughly 58km and 27km away from Madaba in the Madaba Governorate. The hot springs are situated 120m below sea level, just part of what makes them special.

Properties of the Ma’In Hot Springs

Waterfalls from the tops of basaltic mountains are where the hot springs originate. They are the pools which gather the water at the bottom. The area is a wonder of nature and of religious significance in the region. There are many ways to access the hot springs as they make their way from the tops of the mountains down to to the Dead Sea. Ma’In hot springs are an important location in the international wellness rotation.

Medical Tourism at Ma’In Hot Springs

Tourists flock to the Ma’In Hot Springs for healing properties of these mineral springs. Chronic conditions such as muscle, joint, bone and back pain are all soothed with these springs. Skin and circulatory conditions are also helped by the healing elements contained in these mineral springs. Other conditions people come to treat include varicose veins, muscle spasms, blood vessels, skin diseases and more.

It’s also used for body activation therapy to treat people that are burnt out, dealing with nervous disorders, physical and psychological exhaustion. For people who used to smoke, the steam coming from the water helps ease their respiratory issues.

Ma’In Hot Springs Resort

The Ma’In Hot Springs resort isn’t far from Madaba which is known as the “Mosaic City”. The resort is suitable for people of all ages including families.  It features a Family Suite, Royal Suite, Junior Suite and Superior Room. It’s located in the heart of the hot springs and you can take a leisurely walk to the Six Senses Spa. Some of the facilities besides the hot springs and spa include natural pools, a gallery and meeting rooms. The resort also offers guests an ample selection of bars and restaurants. These include the Pool Bar, Olive Restaurant, The Wine Cellar, Brown Bar and The Springs Restaurant. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

Six Senses Spa Experience

I had a massage and I opted for deep tissue which was unreal to say the least. I’ve had dozens if not hundreds of massages around the world. As I say in the video, the massage I received at Six Senses ranks right up at the top. In fact, I think I got more than I had bargained for with the deep tissue massage.  When it was done, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and was completely and utterly relaxed.

The Six Senses Spa has an incredible reputation worldwide and it lived up to my expectations. The entire experience from start to finish was luxurious, relaxed. I’ve been to countless spas and Six Senses is most certainly in a class of its own. I hope to one day sooner than later re-vist this spa or one of their other select locations worldwide.

Can’t Miss The Hot Springs in Jordan

If you’re coming to Jordan, you can’t miss the Ma’In hot springs. Come to see all the sights and enjoy the delicious cuisine, but spend a day just relaxing at Ma’In hot springs near the end. This is especially true if you do suffer some type of chronic physical discomfort or physiological unease mentioned above. On a larger scale, if you’re taking a trip around the world for the purpose of health and wellness, don’t miss these hot springs. Spending time at the Ma’In Hot Springs after visiting the Dead Sea and Petra is a nice way to experience Jordan.

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