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Loving Las Vegas

My View from a Hotel in Vegas

I’m in Vegas and loving it. Tossed and turned all night last night. For some reason whenever I get into Vegas, I can’t sleep, at all. Woke up and opened the window to the view above. The sun was shining and someone turned the heat up, way up.

In Canada, it’s snowing where I’m from and getting cold in Vancouver. That’s no way to live? Don’t get me wrong, before I cracked my knee caps in a leg press in 2001, I loved skiing / snowboarding as much as the next joker. I like snow where it belongs, on mountains, not on your car. I digress.

Beautiful day today in Vegas. Went for a stroll and spent some time just “relaxing” by the pool. In fact when I’m done with this I’m going to go back for some more. I’m a real heat fiend, by that I mean I’ll also probably spend an ungodly length of time in the hot tub, on top of 30 degree heat, with drink in hand no doubt.

What’s on for tonight? Well I’m here for Blog World Expo because I own and operate Bloggeries – “The Human Edited” Blog Directory. I bought it in 2007, no regrets. As a result, every year I come to Vegas for a few days and hang out with the rest of the sphere. Some really cool people that think like I do. I always come alone and have an awesome time.

On the topic of alone, traveling alone is optimal in my opinion. When you travel with someone else it’s a whole new level of drama you have to deal with. Let me explain, if I meet a crew of people and we get along, boom that’s it we’re chilling. If I have a friend, they have to get along with the new people, new people have to like friend etc etc… Having friends on the road is great if you aren’t that gregarious but if you are, don’t bother. That said there are always exceptions and I can think of a handful of people I know that would be awesome to travel with.

Anyways, I’m going to the TechSet party tonight at the Bellagio then tomorrow I’m off to the tradeshow and conference. Should be good times, always is.

I’m out, time to spend some more time at the pool below, no point in having endless time if you don’t use it properly.

God speed,

Cool Pool to Chill at in Vegas

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