The Long Little Corn Island Chapter is DONE

Greetings from Corn Island,

I hope this post finds you well and I’m writing to you from Corn Islands. I’m on Big Corn Island, Nicaragua which frankly feels a world away from Little Corn Island. For those of you who have been around a while, you’ll know I stumbled upon Little Corn Island at the end of 2011 and basically, fell in love. It was a feeling I had never had with a place before, one that made me completely derail everything I had planned just to spend more time together.

Like any true romance, as time went on things got more serious and I purchased some land, then some more. I continued hanging out and loving the vibe, the people and what I still basically consider to be paradise. One thing lead to another and I somehow ended up with two cool concrete homes on a Caribbean island. That said, this is the end of a chapter for me and I’m feeling a little nostalgic. I also know it’s the end of a chapter as well, I’m writing again because I’m on the road.

After spending considerable time on Little Corn Island I started the builds. The builds took about 26 months total to complete. That said, “The Cottage” aka my first spot wasn’t a big deal, only about 5 months to build and with my current project management skills, could probably do it in less. “Alta Vista” on the other hand was a beast and I still marvel at how it got done with no more really than a hammer, lots of hack saw blades, pliers and not much more. It’s a house that was built by one man similar to the way a pasta sauce for a family dinner is often created by one person with lots of care.

Alta Vista took 20 months to build and I’ve never put more of myself into anything but it’s done. It was the impossible mission, the dream on top of the dream. I used to tell people I wanted to sell it all and travel the world, most thought it was hot air but I’ve learned from this that anything is possible. I’m a gent from Ottawa who left a comfortable existence willing to risk it all for a chance at more. Did I ever think I’d travel the world a few times and build my dream home in the most unique place I’ve ever been? Not a chance. My friends, there is lots more out there I assure you.

I’m writing this because that chapter is now closed. Am I leaving Little Corn Island? Absolutely. Will I return to Little Corn Island? Absolutely. Is Little Corn Island home? Absolutely. That said, I’m not someone content sitting around and I realize that nothing really matters except the time on your clock. We’ve all got a timer that’s constantly ticking like grains of sand in an hourglass. There will be times to sit back and watch the sunset (again) but now is the time to let the new adventure find me. Basically, what I’m saying is that the time in my life where I spent all year on Little Corn Island is done, it was incredible but this ship is getting back in service.

Tomorrow I’m off to Managua for a night then flying to Marrakesh, Morocco via Mexico City, New York and Casablanca. I’ve never been to Morocco before so that’s exciting. I’m going with a company called Flexpat whose slogan is “Travel the world getting sh#t done”. They sent me an email, I checked their website and loved the concept. Now I’m off to hang out with them. I’m done with the whole tourist trail to some extent. My goal isn’t to tick off countries from a list but to further make global living my lifestyle. Part of that is “getting sh#t done”. If you have no location independent business, you have no business living this lifestyle and that’s a fact.

It’s 1pm, I’m starving having taking the panga from Little Corn Island this morning and forgotten to eat breakfast. So yeah, that chapter is done and it was a long one filled with once new but now familiar faces, foods and fiestas.

Tips hat,

P.S If you’re curious about anything, just check my Youtube channel and don’t forget to subscribe, ha.

Author: SHABL

Rob has been traveling the world and living abroad for over a decade. The goal was to stop having a boring life and it turned into something far greater. He's worked with national tourism boards and been mentioned in National Geographic. These days he lives abroad and loves business, technology, the tropical lifestyle, good food and travel.

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