Long Bus – Lushoto to Arusha

Good day,

Took a crazy 7 am bus from Lushoto to Arusha. The bus was full at 6am, everyone going to see that healer, maybe I should check it out!? Suffice to say left at 7am and got in a t 2:30pm, long ride.

Since full they putt me in the staff seat, aka first seat on door side, very busy as all the staff / random standing next and around me. Good group of guys though so it helped pass time. So crowded like 8 guys in the steps, sitting on steps and sitting on bar between isle and driver and of course the one mzungu right in the mix.

That was the most intense bus I have taken yet, mainly due to my seat. Now I am back in Arusha in a comfy bed and going to hopefully pass out pronto.

Need to think how I can promote this blog, have documented a lot but done no promotion. Seeing people getting all sorts of trips and not even doing that much travel let alone giving proper coverage. Considering the nature and daily update style here, would be good ROI to throw a trip our way.

Tips hat,

Author: SHABL

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