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For the Love of Lobster on Little Corn Island


Recently found my new temporary calling in life, becoming a lobster dealer on Little Corn Island. The day after lobster madness, these gents were walking around with a large bag of lobster. After purchasing a piker sized lot, went back and bargained for the entire bag. Wasn’t going to until the gent who runs my guesthouse said “Do it and become a lobster dealer”. It’s 2012 and we’re breaking tourism down even further. I’m staying on Little Corn for the lobster lifestyle aka a lobster tourist of sorts. Devoured  lobster for all meals yesterday and the day before, a pound a day keeps the Doctor away is what “they” say.

Lobster sells for about C$120-140 a pound and now have 4.5 pounds that I obtained well below street value. Yesterday some people were looking for lobster but I remained silent. When you’re burning through lobster at a rate of a pound a day, one must seek out new sources of supply before selling part of a mere few days ration. Being on an island makes you realize the importance of “now is the time”. When lobster or anything is around, you have to get yours. We were flooded with tomatoes for a few days and now they have once again become scarce.

Personal favorite way to prepare the lobster is cut the tail down the middle and crack it open. Once you do this it exposes most of the meat and once done, comes out easily. Throw some butter, garlic, onion, whatever else and get to town on it. Lobster goes great with everything and anything, especially lobster. People travel the planet for whatever, believe 2012 is going to be a year where things become even more specific. Watch your fingers cutting these tails, things can get out of hand in a hurry. My left index finger looks as though I’m a closet emo having a really bad new years…

Many come here for diving, met a lady discussing her encounters with a hammer head shark as passionately as I describe my love of lobster and the lifestyle attached to it. The lifestyle involves walking around oblivious to the world and thankful there are no motorized vehicles on the entire island. Buying fresh lobster whenever the opportunity presents itself. Living by the “too much lobster is better than not enough lobster” mantra is a key part of the philosophy.

Besides the lobster, the air quality here is top notch and with some fishing line, hook and sardines will get some action or at least interesting conversation off the wharf.  Supposedly at night you can catch barracuda, have never caught one before. Just went now and there were these long needle like fluorescent green looking creatures eying the bait. Two large loads of sardines hooked through the eye sockets have gone missing, a potential monster awaits.

Shakes lobster tail,

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