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Living on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua


Looks like I’ll be living on Little Corn Island for the next month as I just made a deal with a land owner. It’s a wonderful place with no pollution, near non-existent crime, no police force, no stress, no chemical additives in the food and plenty of fresh sea food, what more could one ask for? A true “transformation station”, I dare say. Never knew these magical little islands existed before arriving in Nicaragua, still not sure where all the corn is but that is for another day… There is so much to discover on this planet if it’s something that interests you…

The friends I arrived with are leaving to continue their trek and my mobile internet stick (best investment you can make on your travels) is working like a gem, would be madness to leave, yes? The reality of the matter is, after long periods of travel one must regroup and get back to basics. It’s cold where I’m from and currently I’m in unspoiled paradise, this place seriously is paradise. I’ve never been somewhere so remote / beautiful and I don’t have a ticket home, why leave? My next physical obligation is leaving Nicaragua on the 19th of February when my visa expires. Why not stay a while in paradise and get better acquainted? Finding inspiration is as easy as looking around.

If it wasn’t here, the plan was to rent a place for a month anyways. The new MO is travel for a while then live somewhere for a while and repeat. Other options included some cities I’ve seen but let’s get real, shall we… If you’re going to leave your home and all the cold weather behind, why settle in some random C. American city because the price is right and you have all your amenities? If you’re going to be away from loved ones, why not live somewhere cool, really, really cool? Yes, we’re on the same page.

Ran into the magical mystery lobster man yesterday. Sure enough for $5US I had 4 decent sized lobster tails weighing slightly more than a pound on a plate, unreal. They were delicious and this will soon usher in a new era called the “Lobster Lifestyle”, stay tuned. Lobster for breakfast, lobster for lunch, lobster for dinner and lobster for lobster, can see it now. There are some cons to living on an island but there are cons to everything in life, what is important in all endeavors is the pros. As long as your assets outweigh your liabilities you’re solvent, as long as the pros outweigh the cons, you’re laughing.

Will be living in a hotel / guest house of sorts. Love the place so much I made them Little Corn Island Hostel. The owner gave me a deal that was even better than the number I had in my mind. Also looked at some apartments, a few have stellar views and more space but the kitchen was lacking. Here it’s a massive kitchen and there is the whole social aspect. Remember my late grandmother saying “a view is a view but you can’t live with just a view”. Living in a hotel is arguably one of the finest things a single gentleman or lady can do anyways. Think about it, you have someone who cleans the entire “house” daily and whenever you need new sheets aka every 3 days, someone changes them no problem. When you lock yourself out you just ask a large administrative gentleman and you’re back to living the dream in short order.

My friends are off to Big Corn this morning for several days. One will accompany them as a bank machine run is in order. Also one of the ladies has a friend of her father who lives on Big Corn, perhaps a new eccentric acquaintance for SHABL? One will investigate Big Corn for the duration of several hours to several days before returning back to Little Corn. The year 2012 is all about making moves in every aspect of your life, even if such said moves may involve not moving at all…

If you could live in 3-5 “places” a year, where would they be? May have just found one…

Tips hat,

18 thoughts on “Living on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

  1. Koh Chang or Chiang Mai, Thailand are two such places in my head at the moment…

    Sick place you found buddy, enjoy the lobster and the paradise you’ve found for yourself!

  2. mmm Sounds like good times !! Rob Maybe you should do like the guy in Supersize me and see what happens when you eat nothing but lobster for a month… Anyways always good to hear your stories..

  3. Rob,

    Your blog is definitely the one I follow the most, I like it and looks like you found a good off the tourist spot as usual. Like the new site and the new girl. Keep it up.

    1. Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your timely and appropriate commentary.

      I strive to find interesting places and then stay as long as I deem fit while sharing the experience.

      Tips hat,

  4. Hi Rob, Lovin the blog. i am heading to little corn a month from today. just came across it out of luck really… i have read a million reviews on different places to stay, but i was wondering where you think the sweet spot is?



    1. You’ll probably want to start at the beach on the west. Cool Spot is about $15 a night for beach bungalow, other option is Stedmans which is way cheaper but way more basic. Stayed at Stedman’s one night then moved to the east aka city side.

      When it rains, don’t want to be a cabin.

      Three Brothers on the port side is where most people stay who have been here a while. One of ONLY places with a kitchen (nice one at that), only $10 a night for a private which can be split 2-3 people and right in town where all the nightlife and shopping is.

      If you have a little extra cash to spend and want real “isolation” go to Ensuenos or just go there during the day. It’s so original / unique / relaxed it’s like a little garden of zen or something or the shire.

      Hope this helps!

        1. No but the person next to me has, it’s locally owned and on the beach. One of the more upmarket cabana places. They are simple but the best of the area in that range if that makes sense.

          Attracts a quieter, older crowd that isn’t so loud. If you don’t have a big budget but want somewhere nice, hit that up.

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