Little Corn Island Triple Cheeseburger Coconut Loaf

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Write to you about a sandwich developed last night that is so delicious that it’s down right disgusting. The other night the staff at 3 Brothers made some cheeseburgers and they were tasty. Decided that since they are “3 Brothers” why not make a triple patty “3 Brother’s Burger” and well, things got out of control. Somehow it moved from a single coconut bun to an entire loaf of bread. Myself and another gentleman devoured ours while the one on the left of the photo was given to another gent who crashed and burned along the way, it’s a serious burger loaf, really serious.

In other news the island is hot and the tourists are still plentiful. It’s definitely “past prime time” and the number of tourists appear to be declining but spend most of my time in the office during the day so who really knows? Awoke at some time before 5 am this morning after retiring the previous night at 8:30, yes you read correctly.  Lay in bed and went to turn the switch on for the light at the exact moment the power went out which does daily at 5am, it was as though the moment I hit the switch, the island power died, this set the tone…

Grabbed my fishing rod and decided to hunt for barracuda on the east side aka the beach side aka the sunrise side. In the dark grabbed the flip flops from under a festering pile of clothes and was off. Went into about my waist with the sunrise in front of me and made many casts with a blank mind. Began chatting with Steadman the owner of Steadman’s Beach Bungalows and he informed me of some catches the previous day and encouraged me to continue.

Made some more casts, even went to my chest and cast as far as I could. At one point on the last and fateful cast didn’t realize the leader was pulled in to far and cast aggressively towards the open sea, this was most erroneous. The leader caught and snapped and my beloved lure that has caught / had a hit from a serious fish each time in trolling action flew at an incredible velocity in to the great abyss. So you know, getting your reel wet with saltwater is the kiss of death, especially when using a medium quality fresh water setup.

Look to land but I’ll lose the lure, begin swimming and swimming more. The cast was solid and the lure was gone, could no longer touch and while hoisting the rod up began to give up hope but continued on the line. It was like looking for a golf ball in a labyrinth of leaves, you must keep your eye on the prize and hope for the best. Finally find the lure and swim back, the leader broke with ease, starting to question the marking of 44lbs test!?

It’s Saturday, enough of this and wish you the best.

Tips hat,

Author: SHABL

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