Little Corn Island Video Tour of the “Main Drag”


Today we’re going to view the “main drag” aka “main street” on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua. Let me refresh your memory and remind you that there are no motorized vehicles of any kind. Yes that means no cars, scooters, motorbikes, tractors, you name it. If anything involves a motor it’s at sea and not on shore. As a result, the sidewalk I’m strolling down is the “highway” if you will where the largest vehicle you’ll encounter is the odd bicycle.

Without a doubt the “main drag” is the hub of the island where most of the restaurants are situated, cafe and of course nightlife. Sure there is the odd bonfire here or there but if you like going out at night, I recommend you stay somewhere near such said drag because at the end of the day, walking home in the dark, flashlight or not gets old fast and remember, no cars there.

Just watching this video reminds me how much I love it there and already looking forward to returning.

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