Life Lessons Learned While Surfing

Life Lessons Learned Learning to Surf in Bali

Having had the great pleasure of learning to surf recently, I’ve realized things out their on the waves and learned lessons I’d of never learned otherwise.  Many of them are life lessons, things I’ll hopefully remember forever and live by, much to my benefit and now that I’m sharing them with you, hopefully yours.

The expression “Things come in waves” is the long and short of it.  I often say to a new friend while waiting and just lounging on my board “It’s true, things really do come in waves”. Let me elaborate for you.

When you are out there, if you chase every wave, you will be exhausted and most likely displeased. If you wait for “your time, your wave” you will be much happier and better equipped to ride “your wave” when it comes, and believe you me, anyone who has the patience… Their wave will come.

When I first started this trip, I bought a bunch of commodity related equities in Bangkok and they climbed for 1 day. The next day, they got a size 15 doc marten to the teeth and I was down, big. Normally you’d freak out, angry over wasted energy. I just waited, patiently. Now I’m pleased to report they are ripping again, to higher levels then before.

At about the same time, I had that whole “Spam issue” on my site and it effectively crashed my website, my sales went from good / great to nothing, nadda, zip. I didn’t stress it I was patient and thinking long term. Things come in waves, misfortune, loss of coin, misery. No sooner then you think another wave isn’t coming and many go to the beach ‘giving up’ on the day… The monsters come in.

I’m pleased to report, it’s “back to business” on all fronts.

When things aren’t going your way, it’s time to save your energy, relax, smile, be thankful for what you have. Nothing is static and merely observing the ocean for several minutes with a clear mind, you will realize this. Just when many give up, those that wait are rewarded, tidily might I add.

To continue on this note, when the waves are great don’t think they will last forever, you must act and act quickly. Also when the “waves of fortune” are in your favor you must be grateful for your circumstances and know full well that IT WILL NOT LAST. Sooner than later you’ll be in a lull again. Before the lull comes, cash in whether it’s catching the wave, selling some stocks, doing something you wanted to. Also remember, you don’t have to catch the top or the bottom, forget polarity, forget optimal “timing” just get on it when you need to and that’s “good enough”. Life isn’t about perfection it’s about putting concentrated effort into action.

Just remember the waves of fortune will not last forever. When there are no waves and you’re not banking coin, having the time of your life and whatnot. Fear not, just be patient and happy for what you have. In the case of surfing it’s that you are out on the ocean, in the sun, surrounded by other cool people and often, beautiful babes. Save your energy, be patient and just enjoy the moment knowing full well that if you have the “staying power” you will be rewarded.

Too many people are overly dramatic. When the waves are strong they expect them to last forever and get disappointed, sad or irrational when they stop coming. When the waves in the ocean or life are poor, they get discouraged, depressed, disheartened. Never be that guy. Just realize everything from the ocean to the events and emotions in your life come in waves and enjoy both because both are opportunities to grow.

When they are low, it’s an opportunity to build your character, to realize nothing in life is given and nothing lasts forever. When the tide is high, you must learn to get into action and fast, to “seize the moment” and make the most of it because nothing lasts forever and much like a wave as in life, you only have 1 shot at it. Make the most of it, yes?

There is a quote from someone very intelligent but I’m not sure who it reads “Write your misfortune in the sand and your successes in stone”. Those are words to live by.

These are just some things I’ve learned on this trip, my friends father who is a Doctor who put some of my mental malaise to rest after having swine flu told me that going on a trip like this will be the best thing I ever do for myself. He also said to be prepared for many “dark moments” as they are inevitable when doing something of this nature. They can be external or internal but they will appear. He finished by saying “It’s always darkest before dawn”. The waves are often crummiest before they get grand. Also don’t be overzealous, things come in waves. You don’t have to catch the first one of the new set, often times the first one is the fake out, and if you float over it, the “big one” comes right after.

Enjoy your life and act accordingly because whether you are out catching waves or just catching the “best ride you can in life”. Things will always come in waves, be cognizient of this and thrive in the process.

Good day to you, tips hat.

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