Lazy Days & Late Nights in Nha Trang

Top of the morning,

Last night was nuts, the party at the Sailing club? Off the hook. At 8am a crew of 10 woke up to go on a boat cruise, I bailed, wasn’t feeling it. The plan was to go but I’ve never been a big fan of organized tours. I always feel “trapped” about half way through and get hopelessly bored.

Instead I hit the beach, ran into 4 dudes from around here and drank with them before going to the Sailing club, passing out and eating seared ostrich sandwich when I awoke. They were really nice guys, it’s crazy who you meet when you have an open mind and a grain of gregariousness.

Crew I’m rolling with tried to get “pumped” to go out again, didn’t happen. Most likely leaving tomorrow so we chilled watching a movie while sinking into the bed / couch.

Later, way home, I swing by “Why Not”, I had some $$$ burning a hole in my pocket and thought “WHY NOT!?”. I ran into my overzealous friends that stayed, they are like super “into each other” so it was all good giving them some “whatever time”.

So I’m there, there are these massive bald dudes, turns out … They’re WELSH and come from ~20 miles near where my Dad’s from, we were instantly friends. There was this dude from Cali who was such a wanker. He claimed to be a Doctor and was throwing money around while dancing like a total douche bag. He called this girl the “ugliest lady he ever saw” and a fight almost broke out.

It was messed up, this girl would have crushed him, he was gone. When you go to these places sober or at least not drunk, you’re like really!? Is this what I do with my time? Absolutely.

I walked ~2km at ~2am to the clubs/ my hotel from my friends  just to see how sketchy this place really is. I had like no cash on me, no ID, no camera, nothing. Also, I did East Hastings one time in full business attire at the same time, again no problem.

I was confident if you kept your wits, you’d be OK. I walk on the streets with my shoulders back but totally relaxed looking, walking really fluid like you’re in control. If you tense up, you look scared and scared people are targets. Furthermore, besides being relaxed looking, walk fast, big strides like you know where you`re going and you’re getting there.

The “moped mafia” of sorts was out and about, when they drive, I get on side walk but look at them as in “I know what you’re up too”. Also if you see a sketchy mob, cross the street.

Met these Irish girls and walked them home, they got in today and had a great conversation with one of them. Filled them in on “the scene” and what to watch out for. I was much obliged to ensure they made it home safe.

The moped pickpockets came by again but if you have a group and a few of you look alert, they will skip or just a massive group. Their main target is single drunk men. Met a guy whose birthday it was, he got mugged last night. He said they all just pulled up, jumped off and attacked him, swarming style. He noticed his camera was gone and grabbed one of the girls, got it back.

This place is a lot of fun, lots of great people. Just remember that the guy who you buy ice coffee at in the morning is NOT the person prowling the streets late night.

The Irish ladies were quite nice, I’ll meet them tomorrow for something that probably involves lying on a beach chair and ordering exotic menu items and cold beverages. I’m starting to figure this whole “traveling” thing out routine wise, what works, what doesn’t. How much to carry, how much things cost. It’s incredible what you can do with your time if you aren’t constricted by having to “show up for work”.

If it wasn’t 5am, I’d post some pics. The party I had with those local guys was awesome and they taught me some Vietnamese, mainly how are you type things. We hung out with them, an 8 year old kid selling wares aka reloading smokes, the lady who walks around with the scale and charges and this old lady who was eating up the cans into her bag like the cookie monster on crack.

Side note, I got burned to a crisp, if someone was a cannibal, I’d look like the seared ostrich I eat today, it’s ridiculous. Oh yeah, if you’re somewhere with “undercurrents” don’t be a loser. Instead of just hanging on beach, go to a club, rent a sleeper and enjoy the security that comes with security guards. It’s only $1.25 for the chair, for the WHOLE DAY.

I slept for a few hours and “no problem”. Also, if a security guy gets your chair, tip him something small, it goes a LONG WAY. Thing is, only  burn I got was on my legs, rest is ok but wow, my legs are destroyed,  destroyed like sitting down hurts, putting on boxers hurts, maybe some blisters in the works, sigh.

Anyways, I’m out.

P.S: Vietnam is great, Nha Trang does have a reputation for this so please don’t assume this is how it is everywhere, it’s not.


  1. missannakay

    March 25, 2010 at 5:17 am

    first of all; i’ve been following this blog for a while, and honestly – i’m still jealous that you have the balls to be traveling around on your own. it’s awesome that you’ve been meeting people and that you’re learning the routine of what works

  2. Rob

    March 25, 2010 at 11:17 pm

    Thank you for the kind words, madame.

    Glad you like reading the blog 😉

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