Late Night Treats: Eating Scorpions and Cockroaches on Bangkok Streets

eating insects scorpions and cockroaches in bangkok

Filmed this last night on the streets of Bangkok, near Khao San Road. Was walking by a cart and figured “PHUKET” let’s just eat some of this stuff and share it with the world. Truth be told the cockroaches are the tastiest and the scorpions the crunchiest. The crickets are soft and disgusting while the grass hoppers taste like an old dog chew toy. Eating insects is less disgusting than other alternatives like cow hearts and pig stomach liners.

Today was much of the same, I was walking home from a 1PM breakfast when the same driver who took me around yesterday stopped his tuk tuk and waved me in. I looked at my wrist to see no watch and thought “Why not?”  I jumped in and we did it all over again, going to different parts of the city once again. This time we stopped and had coffee, made it more leisurely.

I am officially done with suit stores and travel and tourism offices, ha!

Have a sick weekend,

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