Late Night Fantasies of Travel Variety


Ever have late night fantasies of the odd variety? Of course you do, if you didn’t you wouldn’t be reading this website and I’d of banned you on a psychic level where you’d be like “nah, no need to read that boring and weak website”. Suffice to say that last night I had this intense late night fantasy, it was sweaty and involved myself, a car and a house at auction in the depressed dirty south of the USA…

While I was outside Boston my Aunt & Uncle J pointed out a house that a friends son bought for get this … $10K! Muahahah $10K!? They said it’s probably worth fair value $50-$70,000 in this depressed market. This got me thinking, yes!? Techno color HPS light bulbs my friends. The house was no beauty but it was an investment and well I’m interested. Buy a place and throw up a “For Sale” sign the day you move in…

Instead of blindfolding myself and throwing random darts at locations around the world, perhaps the next step in SHABL is to drive my car into the dirty south and buy some distressed property. There are still foreclosures going on and someone will be buying these properties. Naturally Boston is OUT OF THE QUESTION as it gets cold, miserable and mean there.

Thinking S. Carolina? N. Carolina or of course Florida. Many people from around here say no to Florida because they are a) boring and b) complain about the heat. Ironically the same time of year that it would be “unbearable” is when they could return to Canada and when the weather here is “unbearably cold” it would be nice.

Just thinking of how to spend my life to be frank. Nothing wrong with drifting and backpacking, naturally I have lots left but could be cool to buy a house and sit on it forever or live in it for a year and see what it’s like just showing up somewhere, buying a house and seeing what happens. Who knows maybe I’ll meet my wife, just kidding that would be a total buzz kill to operation SHABL at this point.

We’re in interesting times my friends, not sure foreclosuregate will go on forever, why not get yours perhaps!? All you’d need is a car to pack up some golf clubs and fishing gear with 3 pair of cargo shorts and a few sandwiches and you’re set. Am I oversimplifying things or does everyone else over complicate things!?

This may have no basis in reality but who cares, it’s my late night travel fantasy.

It’s Saturday, do something.


  1. PHIL

    September 12, 2011 at 4:31 am

    you buy the house I will go visit !!! mouahhah

  2. Amy

    September 13, 2011 at 1:23 pm

    I completely understand! For what I’ve paid in plane tickets for the last 2 years I could of had a nice place and fully paid off, but no I spent it on living in London instead. Too late now! 😀

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