Kids Gambling at Arcade in China

Children Gambling Nanning China


When first arriving in China, we visited Nanning. Took a train from Hanoi. Were killing time and found this arcade. The bizarre thing about this arcade is that it had gambling for kids. The game you are watching is a big “ocean” of sorts and you get a gun. Each shot costs X money and shoots a small net. You can risk 2-3-4-5 coins at a time and shoot a bigger net.

Get nothing, you get nothing, land some fish, you get coins. Bigger fish are worth more and need bigger nets.  The older kid in blue was on fire, he was literally racking in the dough. I decided to give it a shot and never lost money quicker, well I have but you see what I’m saying.

They also had a roulette like game. One day will make a long update on this topic. In Europe they have gambling all over. Slot machines in bars. In Stockholm, they had black jack tables in most bars. In Canada they have it nowhere and in China they have games built for kids in arcades.

Interesting world we live in.

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