Always Keep Your Options Open When Traveling…


Want to find a $9 hotel room on a Thai island with a view like the one above? Keep your options open…

It’s been a bit quiet here, yes? Think of what’s happening here as as a huge plant that is growing a deep underground network and will soon go BOOM and bust out towards the sun, yeah think of it like that. No really, I’m busy as a leaf cutter ant and yesterday this gregarious girl I know who is a long time reader as well skyped me. She had all these questions and concerns about traveling in Thailand, she was flustered.

They just arrived in Bangkok, have never been in Asia before and naturally THEY ARE LOVING IT. It’s a couple in their late 20’s and they want to do some activities and exploring around the country. They told me they got a quote from some booking agency about $300 each for transport, accommodation & diving in Koh Tao, Thailand. Ok so that’s $600US for 2 people to spend 4 days on a Thai Island… Kinda pricey – yes?

This sounds alright, even to me in expensive Costa Rica but at the end of the day – why would you ever book everything in advance when you’re in Asia or anywhere? If you’re adventurous enough to embark on a mission around the world, you should always “just go for it” and that is what I told them. Go to the booking office and buy some tickets, bus tickets and go from there. Spend $15 each to get there, don’t drop the $600.

I see people constantly getting to countries without a care in the world then booking everything and having this crazy itinerary. It’s usually a depressing experience as every city they go to, they wish they could stay longer and find out everyone they are hanging out with is spending half the price on accommodation, not to mention spent next to nothing on transportation. Ever ask people on a plane how much they spent on their ticket? It REALLY SUCKS when you paid the top price, trust me.

This isn’t just advice for the totally noob, no. Even I have to remind myself to just go for it. After you’ve been away from the road a while, you get soft and things can seem overwhelming, they never are. I’ve traveled a large chunk of the world without a guide, guidebook or a plan and things are usually straightforward. On the road and I mean literally in transit is where you often meet some of your best new friends but I digress…

So as it happens, my friends are buying tickets for something like $15 each and just showing up in Koh Tao. I’ve also given them instructions on how to find a $9 a night hotel / guesthouse on the beach. Yes, you read that right. When I went to Koh Tao it was my first real trip into the wild. Not only did I have the time of my life, meet great friends and find a cheap hotel, it gave me the confidence to do it anywhere.

When you’re on an indefinite trip around the world, you need that confidence to just go for it. It will make the trip special and tailored to you. Also as much as we all like to think we’re adventurers; which we are… There aren’t many “new trails left” and remember countless people less equipped than yourself have made it safely so just go, trust the process and enjoy the sights.

Always keep your options open when traveling, you’ll be shocked at what’s out there waiting for those who dare…

Tips hat,

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