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Island Living Packed With Retirees

Downtown Victoria British Columbia Harbor

Living in Victoria is different, it’s got that whole “island living” vibe. Not sure what “island living” means but it’s whatever you’re picturing, I’ sure. It’s a slower vibe which makes sense as when you’re out and about during the day it’s just retirees, everywhere. People breaking at flashing men and driving 40KM an hour in the fast lane, Victoria has it all. It’s actually the retirement capital of Canada, I believe.

Made it into the concert last night. Truth be told I’m not a huge GZa fan. I know his stuff and enjoy it but that’s about as far as it goes. We were looking for something to do on a Tuesday night and it was our best option. He put on an alright show, I mean he’s gotta be ~35+ and he was playing for a pretty small crowd … Not sure why he even bothered coming to be honest. You’d of thought I was a super fan as I muscled my way to the front of the gate, much to the chagrin of many of the diehards.

When that ended we had an afterhours cocktail part of sorts, luckily my friends roomate is a sound sleeper and had no idea of the bedlam that ensued.

Back to the whole retiree theme, golf courses are plentiful and dirt cheap. We played a course today, a pitch and putt mind you but it was only $7.50. Great way to pass a good afternoon in the sun. The parks even have putting greens in them which I think is pretty cool. I think a lot of cities should install putting greens in public parks, it encourages people to play golf, gives people access to practice and it’s just grass, I mean it’s not rocket science.

Having been eating out, mainly just sushi and the like for the past week now I’m starting to feel like crap. Time to take it easy and live the retiree lifestyle for a few days just enjoying the day and not getting up to anything too crazy at night.

Looking forward to venturing from here but also enjoying my time here. Supposed to check out Tofino but there is an H1N1 breakout ~100KM from it in an isolated native reserve. That definitely puts a few “but’s and if’s” in the decision.

while this is going on I’m trying to plan out my next stop. I have a few ideas in Asia but have not picked a definite location yet and time is ticking.

Have you been to Asia? If so where did you go and how did you like it?

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